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Peke A Tzu Rescue's Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....
By Paul C. Dahm

The Rainbow Bridge Flash Movie by Terri Pike

You are listening to the beautiful and original piano rendition
of "Over the Rainbow" played by our very own talented Keith Brown.

Peke A Tzu Rescue's Bridge Babies

February 22, 1995 – November 18, 2009

The Stars Above
I was 10 years old when I had my last litter,
And by then I will have to say I was very bitter.

Day after day I thought there has got to be someone that will be kind,
As I lay in my cold, damp area where I was confined.

There was a small window that I could see through the bars,
So at night I would gaze up longingly and say to the stars,

I pray I may, I pray I might,
Hear an answer to my prayer tonight.

The stars were so beautiful and I knew God had made them,
If anyone would hear my prayers it would be Him.

As the years passed and through all my tears,
I held steadfast knowing God was always near.

Suddenly one evening this warm feeling rushed over me,
As I repeated my prayer to the stars to be free.

God softly spoke to me and said your Angel is on her way,
She'll be here tomorrow; I didn't know what to say.

All of my horrible memories quickly fled,
As I lay close to my Angel in her soft bed.

We would both gaze up at the stars together and pray,
Looking deep within each others eyes we would say,

We pray we may, we pray we might,
Hold each other closely throughout the night.

My Angel, thank you for your kindness, devotion and four wonderful years of love,
Please continue to say our nightly prayer to the stars up above.

Watch closely for the falling stars that I have touched gently,
For these represent tears of joy for the love you have given me.

By Jan Collins© 11-18-09
Fantasia, we thank God for being able to have you in our life. We will hold you close in our memories forever. We miss your sweet gentle kisses.
Everytime we see stars shining from above we will know that you are part of their brightness.

November 17, 2001 – June 18, 2009

The Rockman
I was left in a shelter to die at the age of two,
Because I had behavioral and biting issues.

A rescue committed to me and I thought I was safe,
But at the last minute they prioritized others and sealed my fate.

Little did they know that was a blessing in disguise,
For my Auntie Jen was not about to see this be my demise.

She contacted my Mom and Dad through a friend,
She asked that they come and get me for she did not want my life to end.

My Dad was there in a matter of hours and told me all would be better,
And that began our journey through life together.

Auntie Jen and Unkie Harvey joined PATR’S cause along with me,
And from that moment steadfast friends we knew they would be.

I was difficult to say the least more often than not,
But Mom and Dad accepted me for who I was and loved me a lot.

I would bite when things did not go my way,
But Mom would just say there will be better days.

No matter my faults I was showered with love and affection,
And returned that love with out a moment of hesitation.

I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in early May,
Mom and Dad continued to cry for days and days.

I ask them now to please dry their tears,
For I was surrounded by love for a wonderful six years.

Auntie Jen thank you for making that call,
And know that I will give Unkie Harvey a kiss from you all.

By Jan Collins© 6-18-09
There will never be another like you Rockie dear. We will miss your crooked smile, your crazy antics and your very special kisses.
Rest in peace sweet baby until we meet again.

August 2, 1997 – March 29, 2009

Listen Closely
I was a wee little thing and suddenly was removed from my mother,
Loaded in a truck and crammed in a crate with so many others.

We all cried out hysterically in fear and pain,
No one acknowledged our cries, they were all in vain.

The truck finally stopped and we sang out in rendition,
Hoping we would be back with our mothers not realizing the living conditions.

We were put on display in this place called a pet store,
Where all they wanted was to make money and nothing more.

Some of us got sick, could not survive the change and died,
The pet store owner threw us in the dumpster, but when asked what happened to us he just lied.

All that visited the pet store thought I was not a beautiful puppy,
And everyone would walk right by and not even want me.

Then my Mom wandered in and with a look of surprise,
Said I have never seen more beautiful eyes!

She opened her billfold and paid the exorbitant price,
And the pet store owner accepted the money with greed but was oh so nice.

Mom had no idea at that time there were people called puppy millers,
Who were abusing dog after dog for financial gain and were killers.

As time marched on and Mom and I would pass a pet store,
She would close her eyes, continue on by and I knew it hurt her to the core.

I would nudge Mom with my soft nose and plead,
Please go in for there are more just like me!

She would caress me and look me straight in my eyes,
And say this has got to stop before any more die.

One way to stop this is to not visit the store,
Then sales will drop and the pet store owners will not purchase any more.

She said this is a heart wrenching choice to make,
For I could go in, pay the price and all I would take.

I know how difficult it was for Mom to turn her back on those within,
But she knew the breeding would just start over once again.

Please know that at the Rainbow Bridge should a miller head in my direction,
I know all of the animals there will help dispose of the miller with discretion.

Mom I know that this is a very difficult goodbye for you,
But remember your words to all that ring so true.

Someday, sometime we will be reunited once again,
So know that I am waiting to cuddle close to you as soon as I can.

By Jan Collins© 3-29-09
Our sweet Aigner…we cannot wait to look deep into your beautiful eyes once again.
You have no idea how much we miss you.

July 5, 1995 – March 11, 2009

Daddy’s Girl
So sad that the world has come to this,
There is definitely something horribly amiss.

My owner abused and used me for personal gain,
And then he dumped me like a sack of grain.

I was left at a shelter and felt so forlorn,
I began to wonder why I had even been born.

Calls were made for help for my daughter and I,
But I really thought we were both going to die.

And then my Foster Dad came along,
He told me I had done nothing wrong.

He stroked me and held me very close,
And planted kisses all over my little nose.

As the days passed and love surrounded me,
I realized that what had happened was meant to be.

For the last years of my life were spent,
Being loved beyond measure and I was so content.

I will miss everyone, but my Dad especially,
Who was always there for me and loved me unconditionally.

By Jan Collins© 3-11-09
You will always hold a very special place in our hearts sweet Dazzle.
We will see you once again one day and know that your Dad is saving his nose kisses just for you.

August 9, 2002 – February 16, 2009

My Stay Was Too Brief
I retired from the breeding world in August of 2007,
Hoping to find a Mom and Dad that would make me feel like I was in heaven.

When I visited the doctor the news was not good,
For I had incurable cancer and Mom said she would fix it if she could.

I remained with Mom and Dad for over two glorious years,
Being cuddled, loved and constantly told that I was so dear.

My life was filled with so much joy day after day,
I kept praying to God that I could stay.

I was blessed to have lived for a few years,
For my life was filled with so much love and cheer.

I start my journey now to a better place,
And will patiently wait to once again see Mom’s smiling face.

By Jan Collins© 2-16-09
Viva we wish you would have been with us a lot longer, but the love that you gave us will remain in our hearts forever.
We will see your beautiful face once again and gather you in to hold you close.

December 14, 1994 – February 15, 2009

Please Fulfill My Dream
Fifteen years of age was nearly here,
When I left all that were so dear.

I had five wonderful years in my foster home after retiring as a breeder,
But having my very own Forever Home would have been so much neater.

Sadly many people use age as a judge,
And will not change their minds nor budge.

They have no idea what a wonderful experience would come to be,
If they would open their hearts and homes to a senior such as me.

Hopefully my dream will come true some day,
And I will look down to see my senior friends in their own Forever Homes at play.

By Jan Collins© 2-15-09
Sweet Quigley, we feel blessed to have held you close to us for so many years. Sweet dreams darling and we hope your dream comes true.

August 18, 1993 – November 14, 2008

You're Never Too Old To Be Loved
I was fourteen years old when I arrived,
I was ready to take on the world and still in my prime.

My eyes were always sparkling with glee,
For I enjoyed everything I could see.

I had no idea of my size and that I was such a petite little girl,
For if something didn’t please me I could put the household in a whirl.

There was not a day that went by that I didn’t enjoy being held in someone’s arms,
I knew the world was safe and I was protected from harm.

I waited patiently for my special home and this may sound bold,
But I suddenly realized that everyone thought I was too old.

Mom and Dad told me not to worry about a thing,
For they were happy to love me and keep me under their wings.

So I lived out my days being snuggled, loved and kissed,
Those that never held me close have no idea what they missed.

It is time for me to bid farewell to all of those who held me so dear,
My journey begins and I leave contented, free of all fear.

By Jan Collins© 11-14-08
Clarissa, our sweet, gentle little old lady.
Rest comfortably, enjoy meeting all of your friends…we shall meet again.

December 26, 1996 – November 4, 2008
August 31, 1998 to November 4, 2008

Crossing Together
Holding each one of us in your arms we hear your sad sigh,
We gaze up at you for one last time looking deep into your eyes.

Together, side by side, hand in hand,
We both leave for Rainbow Bridge land.

As we look back over our shoulders what do we see?
Your eyes overflowing with tears and so much grief.

Please do not shed tears for us Mom and Dad,
For we would never want either of you to feel so sad.

We are going to a much better place you know,
Filled with happiness, friends and not one unkind soul.

We both came to you for different reasons,
Each of us arriving during different seasons.

I was not loved enough no matter what I did right,
And Mallory was bred repeatedly and left alone every night.

You offered us a home, security and so much love.
We will lovingly look down at you from above.

Know that we will visit you in spirit as often as we can,
So that you can reach out and stroke us softly with your hand.

By Jan Collins© 11-4-08
Jazzlynn, we love you so much. It is sad that your Mom and Dad could not be as loyal to you as you were to them.
Mallory, you brought such joy to our lives with your gentle soul.
We are so sorry that you couldn’t escape the horror of the mills before it had taken its’ toll.

August 23, 1993 – September 11, 2008

Kerrie and I were devastated when our Mom went to Heaven,
I was twelve years old and Kerrie was eleven.

We had no where to go and no place to call home,
We were grief stricken, afraid and felt so alone.

The family left behind didn’t want us and we were so hurt,
We asked them why and their answers were very curt.

Thank goodness there are rescue angels around,
For they scooped us up and we were homeward bound.

We grieved for our Mom for such a long time,
But eventually surrounded by our angels we were fine.

My sweet Kerrie left me for the Bridge in 2006..I couldn’t believe,
That once again I felt so empty and so filled with grief.

Mom and Dad tried to fill the void left by Kerrie,
By showering me with love and keeping each day merry.

Mom and Dad please look deep into my eyes,
For it is time for me to quietly say my goodbyes.

There will be no more sad days for me,
For my sweet Kerrie and I will once again be together and carefree.

By Jan Collins© 9-11-08
Our sweet redhead, we love you and miss you so much.
We know that you are finally at peace with your sweet Kerrie by your side.

October 9, 1995 – August 14, 2008

Puppies are not Forever
Oh look, someone is coming my way,
They say I am such a cute puppy and have made their day.

I go home with them snuggled up close,
They say I am so cute and keep kissing my nose.

I am given soft beds and wonderful toys,
Life could not get better and I am filled with joy.

I am happy, comfortable and carefree,
For I know that my family will always love me.

I am never left alone and taken for wonderful walks,
Mom and Dad laugh about the cute things I have done as they talk.

For some reason things begin to change as I grow older,
Mom and Dad do not seem to have any interest in me any longer.

I am turned out loose to wander as I choose,
Are they hoping something will happen to me because I am loose?

I have no idea what I did wrong to deserve this,
All I know is that I no longer feel a sweet kiss.

Suddenly a stranger comes to pick me up late at night,
They hold me close and assure me that all will be right.

It seems so good to be cuddled and held close once again,
I know now that my Mom and Dad committed a sin.

They abandoned me just because I became old,
How could they be so callous and cold?

By Jan Collins© 8-14-08
Annie, know that you will always be with us and we were so blessed to hold and cuddle you as you became “old”. Some do not know what true love and commitment means.
Your Mom and Dad will answer for this when they meet their “maker”.

October 9, 2005 – August 11, 2008

Puppy Mill Girl
Puppy Mills, Puppy Mills, Puppy Mills,
Why have not legislators passed a bill?

My tongue was too long and my legs were too short,
This is definitely inbreeding of some sort.

Though I was loved beyond measure,
My little heart could not stand the pressure.

I tried so hard to stay with Mom and Dad,
But the illnesses within my body were just too bad.

This is a year of a presidential election campaign,
The candidate names are Obama and McCain.

I am asking Senators Obama and McCain,
To stop puppy mills so that my life was not in vain.

For thousands of animals to live a life of despair,
Confined in cages and surrounded by filth just isn’t fair.

Senators Obama and McCain should have no excuse,
To avoid supporting a bill to stop this abuse!

By Jan Collins© 8-11-08
All need to meet a “Summer” during their lifetime. The atrocities of the puppy mills are embedded in the eyes of these little ones.
The abuse they endure is beyond our comprehension. Please support legislation to put an end to puppy mills once and for all!

November 22, 1995 – August 9, 2008

The Face of an Angel
Dumped at a shelter by my owners…they could see my fear,
They turned their backs, walked away without shedding a tear.

When God was creating me,
He bestowed an angel within for all to see.

Please look at my face closely with love,
There, now you can see the halo above.

My wings are hidden from view,
But they are there tried and true.

Please someone just look into my eyes,
I am not ready to die!

Wait, I hear steps approaching and I try to hide,
Thank you God, it is an angel that has arrived at my side.

She spread her wings and gently folded me to her,
While whispering I love you softly in my ear.

Three years have passed since that faithful day,
It is now time for me to spread my wings and fly away.

Thank you for giving me the choice of living out my life with you,
As you were there for me, I will be waiting here for you too.

By Jan Collins© 8-9-08
You will always continue to be our special angel Macho. In my dreams I reach out to hold you close, rub your soft belly and soak in your sweet kisses.
God blessed all of us when he led us to you.

June 30, 1992 – July 1, 2008

Loved For Just Being Me
I moved from foster home to foster home in 2002,
All that met me just didn’t know what to do.

You see I was so fearful of all and would bite,
Everyone thought I was doing this just out of spite.

I wanted to tell everyone what was going on in my mind,
But they just didn’t have the patience to be kind.

No one seemed to understand how to meet my needs,
And my future looked very dim indeed.

I made a move to another foster home with a heart filled with grief,
For I believed once again the stay would be brief.

I was amazed at the difference in this foster home,
And the love and care for me that was shown.

They accepted me for who I was without question,
And told me helping me was their mission.

The foster home became my permanent home in 2003,
They adopted me and I was safe finally.

Mom and Dad taught me that love conquers all,
I was surrounded by love no matter my faults.

I worked diligently at learning how to give kisses,
For I so wanted to bring joy to Mom and Dad and fill their wishes.

I leave this world contented and carefree,
For I was pampered and loved for just being me.

By Jan Collins© 7-1-08
We are going to miss you so much sweet baby. Especially your soft kisses that were so difficult for you to share.
You hold a very special place in our hearts and always will. We will meet again someday so save some kisses for us.

August 10, 1991 – April 18, 2008

Love Is All I Need
I was a senior with heart problems and 13 years old,
My owners left me at a shelter...how could they be so cold?

My future looked very, very dim indeed.
Those that passed me by didn’t recognize my needs.

You see my needs were simple and so easy to fill,
A home with lots of love, cuddles and kisses would fit the bill.

I felt so alone and tried to let people know with my beautiful eyes,
That I certainly was not ready to say my goodbyes.

As the days passed I began to have my doubts,
No one really wanted to know what I was all about.
Suddenly my angels came to rescue me,
They exclaimed you are such a wee bit of a thing we see.

They held me close and whisked me off to their home,
Bestowed gentle kisses on me and said I would never be alone.

My simple needs were met for a wonderful four years,
And I ask you please Mom and Dad to dry your tears.

For you gave me so much that no one else would,
As I cross the Bridge I can feel your arms around me and it feels so good.

By Jan Collins© 4-18-08
Kaylei, it was not us that gave to you, but what you gave to us.
Your love and devotion will never be forgotten...until we meet again to hold each other close.

March 30, 1996 – March 13,2008

Juliet's Love
I was a lost little pup scared and all alone,
Stuck in this thing they called a cage sitting without a home.

I barked, bit and cried a lot and I didn’t know what to do,
For I wanted an angel to help me find a love, endless and true.

My angel came to rescue me, I felt safe and sound,
She gave me food and lots of love and friends to romp around.

She explained she would protect me and help me find a home,
A place where I could find true love and a free place to roam.

My forever mom saw my picture and looked into my eyes,
She says I captured her heart so fast, it was a love she couldn’t deny.

Mom and Dad came to get me, finally a heart to call my own,
They took me to this new place; it was called my forever home.

We spent our time together playing and loving all our days,
We went for long walks in the sun and just soaked up all the rays.

My body began to become weak; it was getting hard for me to play,
I love my mom and family, but I could no longer stay.

My mom sat and talked with me, tears streaming down her face,
She told me about the Rainbow Bridge and said it lead to a beautiful place.

I’m now able to run and play with my friends; I can even run up a hill,
Thanks for letting me go mom, I no longer feel ill.

So please don’t cry and don’t be blue, may my thought put a smile on your face,
For because of my Rescue Angel and Mom I ended up in a wonderful place.

Written by Juliet's Mom Floellen Rickard© 3-15-08
From deep within my heart.

Penny Ann Stewart
Penny Ann Stewart
July 2, 1996 – January 22, 2008

We open our arms wide to the blind, the deaf, the deformed and the old,
In return we are showered with unconditional love as they come into our fold.

Yes, they are "Special" and yes, they are in "Need",
But what they give back to us ten-fold in love is a lesson we should heed.

They teach us so much about loving and caring,
They help us realize that love is all about sharing.

Our lives are filled with all kinds of emotion,
These special need babies teach us all about devotion.

These wonderful creatures only ask for a small amount of our loving touch,
So please open your hearts, you will be blessed many times over because you have loved them so much.

Our sweet Penny Ann, know that Mom and Dad miss you so and you filled our lives with so much joy.

Poem was written By Jan Collins© and dedicated to all Special Needs Kids 2-12-04

May 2, 1996 – November 15, 2007

Special Treasures
When Mom held me in her arms for the first time,
She sighed and said I think you are forever mine.

Of course as I got to know my Mom and her ways,
I knew she would search for my perfect Forever Home for days.

No matter how much she loves all of us,
She will do the right thing…she always does.

I would ask her often if there were any applications for me,
She would stroke me softly and say no, but I know there will be.

As time passed I asked Mom, does no one want me because I am older?
She would hold me close with tears in her eyes as I snuggled into her shoulder.

She told me not to worry for she loved me beyond measure,
And considered me one of her most valued treasures.

Mom helped me conquer all of my fears,
I know she needed me as much as I needed her.

I have no fears as I leave this world to go to another,
For Mom will join me one day and we will once again be together.

By Jan Collins© 11-15-07
Jangles, greet all of the babies that you know I hold so dear to my heart with one of your special kisses.
I will be there some day to hold all of you in my arms once again.

January 10, 1994 – November 3. 2007

My Special Garden
I was abused by my owners, lost one eye and my sight,
How could anyone be so cruel, it just wasn’t right.

But I was not ready to give up on life by the way,
I avoided my abusers as best I could night and day.

I began to plant this beautiful garden within my mind,
My garden exploded with colorful flowers that no one else would ever find.

I continued to fertilize my special garden with hope no matter my fears,
The garden flourished by being watered by my sad and streaming tears.

I knew if I continued to have faith there would be,
Someone who would discover my special garden and me.

When my special garden was exploding in full bloom,
My rescue angel appeared suddenly right in my room.

She opened her arms and held me close to her heart,
And I knew at that moment we would never part.

As the days passed and I was loved unconditionally,
My special garden began to fade away in my memory.

But, another special garden was planted with Mom and me together,
We planted each flower side by side and this garden was so much better.

The flowers burst forth in all of their glory and were magnificent,
For this garden was watered with happy tears full of joy and contentment.

Mom, I am planting a garden here at the bridge for the two of us,
This will be the most magnificent garden yet for that is a must.

When you cross the bridge, hold me close once again and look into my eyes that can see,
We will walk through our special garden together filled with happiness and glee.

By Jan Collins© 11-3-07
Carmella, every time I plant a flower I know you will be right there beside me as you always were. I will not be able to hold you and see you, but your spirit will always be with me.
I miss your sweet kisses, your beautiful face, wagging tail, but most of all your love for life no matter the adversity.
Until I can join you sweet Carmella, please keep our garden watered with love.

March 13, 1991 – October 24. 2007

Seniors Need Love Too
I was thirteen when I came to live with my new Mom and Dad,
My family gave me up because their health was really bad.

I was six weeks old when I met my family,
Never dreaming I would be leaving them unexpectedly.

I was frightened for I did not know what my future would hold,
For many people kept telling me I was so very old.

I said goodbye to my family and journeyed to my new home,
Where I was met with hugs and kisses and told I would never be alone.

As I settled into this strange place for my first night,
I felt the love surrounding me and knew life would be alright.

My rescue family didn’t care about my age and disabilities,
The minute they met me they loved me unconditionally.

As I begin my journey to the bridge I have a favor to ask from all of you,
Please help us seniors who are displaced so that we can start our lives anew.

My journey is nearly completed and I am contented as can be,
Thank you Mom and Dad for your kindness and loving me.

By Jan Collins© 10-24-07
Sweet Bandit, let’s hope that people will listen to your plea. There is no better joy than holding a baby like you close to our heart.
Rest peacefully sweetie, until we meet again.

September 27, 1999 – September 24, 2007

A Road Built With Love
Life’s road can sometimes be really rough,
And we learn to endure and become really tough.

We cope with the loneliness and despair,
And at times feel that no one truly cares.

We are resilient, brave and we believe that someone up above,
Will repave our rough road and cover it with love.

Suddenly out of nowhere people arrive to begin reconstruction,
And we watch in dismay as they dole out instructions.

They slowly begin to resurface our road with love, kindness and tears,
At first we are hesitant, but then we begin to draw near.

Patience, love and time finally bring our road to completion,
But there is one very important detail we neglected to mention.

Twas our rescue angels that built our new road for us,
So that we could leave behind our fears and distrust.

We now walk down our road paw in hand with our loved ones.
Our road is covered in so much love it can’t even be measured in tons.

By Jan Collins© 9-24-07
Devin, we promise that we will continue to always be under construction rebuilding roads covered in love so that others find their loving Forever Home just as you did.
Sweet dreams little one.

May 6, 1995 – August 31, 2007

Our Golden Girl
Oh my, let’s see where I should begin,
To let all know my prior owners sins.

They were abusive there was no doubt,
But it was so difficult to tell anyone about.

When I had no more use in their minds,
I was left in a shelter and confined.

I was overwhelmed with despair,
For I was sure there was no one that would care.

You see I struggled and struggled just to walk,
But I could not tell anyone why for I could not talk.

Because I was filled with so much fear,
I would bite when anyone came near.

My future looked so dim and dreary,
I had given up and was too tired to worry.

What a wonderful surprise I had in store for me,
When my rescue angels arrived and set me free.

They asked me to try to put aside my fear,
They would always love me and always be near.

Those who loved me considered me their “Golden Girl”,
I was told I was more precious than any pearl.

As I began to cross the bridge I glanced back at my loved ones one last time,
I looked deeply into their eyes to assure them that I would be fine.

Then I turned to make my journey to those waiting beyond,
It seems someone must have waved a magic wand.

For with wind blowing through my hair I was able to run to them,
With my beautiful tail up, I felt no pain and I was whole once again.

By Jan Collins© 8-31-07
Oh Madonna, know that we will carry you in our hearts forever.
We will meet once again to hold each other close.

June 1, 1994 – August 14, 2007

Brotherly Love
Although our Mom was gentle and sweet,
My brother Morgan and I had needs she could not meet.

We were in desperate need of a loving home and had to go,
But alas, senior dogs are not on most people’s wish lists you know.

So the search began for a rescue you see,
And our new Mom and Dad opened their hearts to Morgan and me.

We were tired, frightened and had traveled so many miles,
What a relief when we were met at the door with hugs, kisses and smiles.

Our wonderful life began surrounded by new friends and family,
Kisses were plentiful, love enfolded us and we lived comfortably.

I have to say that I was never happier and am so glad,
That I was given two wonderful years of love that I wouldn’t have had,

Be brave Mom and Dad, wipe the tears from your eyes,
I am happy, pain free and was ready to say my goodbyes.

For my brother Morgan as the last time our noses touched,
Know that I will hold you close to my heart forever for I love you so much.

I will be waiting here at the Rainbow Bridge patiently for you Morgan man,
For I know one day we will be romping and playing side by side once again.

By Jan Collins© 8-14-07
What can we say our sweet Rafferty, but that we miss you so terribly. We feel so blessed to have met you along life’s highway.
Thank you for filling our lives with pure joy.

March 14, 1991 – August 2, 2007

Our Spunky Old Man
I'm a senior pupster as you'll see,
My foster angels took me in and I was happy as can be.

I loved the sun warming my back,
Around the deck I would ramble and that is a fact.

Even though I was blind and couldn't hear well,
My nose still worked and I oh so loved the flower garden smells.

Mom and Dad called me their "Spunky Ole Man",
No matter how I felt, I wanted on the deck again and again.

Of course at my age I loved to cuddle and nap,
Dad would wrap me in my blankie upon his lap.

Mom made sure I always looked my best,
She bathed, toweled and combed me and upon her bosom I would rest.

I loved the way she rubbed her cheek upon my fur,
Humming softly, letting me know I was loved for sure.

I loved my brothers and sisters, they treated me with care,
There was always enough room in a bed to be shared.

I was 16 yrs. 4 mos. old when I said my good-bye,
I tried to kiss the tears away from Mom and Dads eyes.

I wanted them not to be sad,
Because the life I had these last one and a half years, I'm thankful and glad.

I'm at Rainbow Bridge now, whole, healthy and running around,
Where family and old friends are coming to greet me with a bound.

All of you who read my little story this day,
Remember, it is not always how long we live but the quality of caring and loving you can give to one of us senior pupsters along life's way.

Written by Foster Mom Judy Davidson 8-2-07
We’ll miss you dearly our “Spunky Ole Man”.

September 26, 1994 – June 1, 2007

A Walk Down Memory Lane Together
Mom and Dad I know you wanted me to be with you forever,
Why don’t we travel down Memory Lane together?

This should help us all as we travel down this lane paw in hand,
To soothe our souls, dry our tears as I leave for Rainbow Bridge Land.

Pennies jangling….is that what you hear?
Jamie has arrived with something very dear.

All of a sudden there is my tiny black and white face,
Peeking up at you with my beautiful eyes, a devilish twinkle in place.

Wait! Is that a squeaky toy I see?
I can have that torn up by the count of three.

Potty training was a struggle if you recall,
But once I caught on I gave it my all.

I practiced long and hard at my butt and tail moving abilities,
And still think this would be a big hit for courses in agility.

Kisses are of the up most importance I believe,
I know I had the market cornered on these.

Wasn’t grooming just way too much fun?
My movin’ and groovin’ continued until we were done.

I had shown you how much love I could give,
So we decided to bring others we could love into our home to live.

As our family grew and rescue became your passion,
I was right there beside you to help complete each rescue mission.

I was proud to lick your face free of joyful tears,
As my sisters and brothers were freed from all of their fears.

There was not a better feeling than when we retired for the night,
Having your hands on my heart and my paws wrapped around you tight.

Now, the most difficult part as we all know,
Are our final goodbyes and letting go.

I know our trip down Memory Lane will help all that I hold so close to my heart,
And know that you will all be with me forever as we part.

I will always be with you in spirit and looking down upon all of you.

With Love,

By Jan Collins © 6-1-07
In memory of our sweet little “Roly Poly” Tzu, oh how we
miss you. You have been an inspiration to us since the
first time we held you in our arms.

February 15, 1995 – May 1, 2007

Our Sweet Teddy Bear
Oh, our sweet, sweet Teddy Bear,
To not have you with us seems so unfair.

How time passes at such a fast pace,
We so miss caressing your sweet, soft face.

We knew it was time for you to make your way,
To a much better place where you could play.

We feel so blessed to have had you here,
But life seems very empty without you near.

Rest assured little one that we will join you one day.
God’s light will guide us directly your way.

Sleep well, enjoy your new friends and life free of fear,
Until we meet again our sweet, sweet Teddy Bear.

By Jan Collins © 5-1-07
Dedicated to the soft gentle souls such as Wink that are abandoned without a second look back. To neglect babies such as our Wink is an unforgivable sin.
We love you sweetie and thank you for filling our lives with such joy.

Salsa, our sweet fiery redhead
Salsa, our sweet fiery redhead
August 21, 1993 – April 17, 2007
Buffett, our handsome little poo
Buffett, our handsome little poo
October 15, 1992 – April 17, 2007
McGill, our little cuddle bug
McGill, our little cuddle bug
January 1, 1997 – March 9, 2007
Mona, our special little princess
Mona, our special little princess
June 30, 1996 – February 20, 2007
Gwennie, our favorite smoocher
Gwennie, our favorite smoocher
July 30, 1996 – January 20, 2007
Robby, our beloved little Tzu boy
Robby, our beloved little Tzu boy
November 3, 2003 – January 19, 2007
Starla, our dignified lady
Starla, our dignified lady
October 16, 1993 – December 22, 2006
Mayzee, our petite little doll baby
Mayzee, our petite little doll baby
July 24, 1993 – November 29, 2006

Our Angels Have Left Us
For those of you we love so much,
We surely miss your loving touch.

Although our hearts tell us our angels are near,
We continue to shed so many tears.

Each of you own a piece of our heart,
That is why it is so difficult to part.

We know all of you are in a wonderful land,
And we promise to join you as soon as we can.

As all of our angels now run with the wind and are carefree,
We know that your short time with us was meant to be.

Salsa, Buffett, McGill, Mona, Gwennie, Robby, Starla & Mayzee
By Jan Collins © 4-30-07
To our sweet, sweet angels that continue to fill our lives with love and happiness.
Rest peacefully little ones.

Smudge, Zoya, Jenny, Isabel, Charlie
April 26, 1991 – August 18, 2006
July 9, 1992 – August 15, 2006
December 11, 1998 – April 8, 2006
September 1, 1995 – August 14, 2006
December 3, 1991 – August 22, 2006

We Are The Seniors and Special Needs
We are the Seniors and Special Needs our friends,
And we should be loved to the very end.

We have been abandoned time after time,
But definitely have committed no crime.

Mistakes we have made a few,
But haven’t all of you?

We are the Seniors and Special Needs who only ask for your continued devotion,
Unfortunately we found out you had different notions.

We have been your loving companions and given our all,
Anxiously, with tail wagging we ran to you whenever you called.

You abandoned us without a second look back..what nerve,
We hope that God doles out the justice that you truly deserve.

We are the Seniors and Special Needs our friends,
And we left this world peacefully knowing our rescue angels loved us to the very end.

Smudge, Zoya, Jenny, Isabel, Charlie
By Jan Collins © 8-22-06
To the loves of our lives, the seniors and special needs that many do not want.
So many of you followed each other closely to the Rainbow Bridge and our hearts ache with emptiness for you, but we know you are happy and free.
We miss you all terribly and feel blessed to have known you and loved you. Rest peacefully our little angels.

June 4, 1995 – July 28, 2006

Our Special Gift from God
Oh God, it is so very dark in this box and I am so full of fear,
Please help me escape for there has to be someone who can help that is near.

My life hasn’t been very good up until now,
But I am going to fight and get out of here somehow.

I am crying for help beneath all of this debris,
Oh thank you God, I hear someone coming to rescue me.

I know I am matted, crippled and blind,
But there must be someone that will love me and not mind.

I have heard that there is something called love out there,
So I am searching for those that will kiss me softly and truly care.

Ahhh, finally I have found what I have been searching for,
What a wonderful feeling to be so loved and adored.

My journey on this earth has come to a joyous end,
Surrounded in warmth by so many loved ones and friends.

By Jan Collins © 7-28-06
Thank you our sweet Briana for fighting to escape the horrors of your abuser. The joy of holding you close to us was a gift that we will cherish forever.
Enjoy the sight of all around you, running free with no pain and know that we will be with you someday.

June 4, 2003 – July 20, 2006

Remember Me
Remember me with all your love
And with pain or with sorrow
Though I'm not with you, I feel your love
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

It was special to be your child
For the time I was there
Cherish our memories together
Even when you think life isn't fair.

Though I may not be there with you
I am always around
Sometimes I do appear to you
A butterfly, a song or in a friend you have found.

Remember me with a joyful heart
Along with happiness and love
These are the things that keep me alive
Forever within your heart...

By Coleman Doyle Alldredge ©

November 20, 2001 – July 7, 2006

Early Goodbyes
We are always on the go,
But our favorite time is at night you know.

We snuggle in for the evening side by side and close,
And we share our wonderful day with Mom as we lay nose to nose.

We tell her about this beautiful butterfly and bee,
That we saw flying with wings spread so free.

Then there is the ant that is crawling along,
Even as it is working it sings such a beautiful song.

We ask Mom why some of us are here longer than others,
And she tells us about the Rainbow Bridge that is full of wonders.

She says there are so many running, playing and pain free in this place,
All have such a happy smile on their face.

God calls some of us to meet him at the Rainbow Bridge at an early age,
For he feels we are needed there rather than here on earth to help in other ways.

This helps those of us left behind to say goodbye sooner than we would like to some of our friends.
For we know that they are romping, playing, happy and whole once again.

By Jan Collins © 7-7-06
Chrissy, greet all of those you meet with your tender smile and soft kisses.
That in itself will help so many others. We love you sweetie.

June 1, 1990 – May 10, 2006

Left Alone to Grieve
I was a devoted companion for years,
And suddenly the end of my loving friend’s life was drawing near.

I had given my heart and my soul to my beloved friend,
The thought of losing him brought fear in my heart to no end.

Suddenly he was gone and I felt so alone,
Who was going to make sure I had my favorite bone?

As I watched the family grieve for my beloved one,
They didn’t even notice my tears for my dear friend that was gone.

After a few weeks passed they said,
We don’t have time in our lives to care for an old dog that just lays curled up in his bed.

Thank goodness someone told the family about rescue and they reached out,
They then found out what the rescue angels were all about.

I found love and companionship once again,
And I was surrounded by love, cuddles and kisses until the very end.

By Jan Collins © 5-10-06
Our sweet Nicki, know that you will remain in our hearts forever and thank you for blessing us with your sweet poo poo kisses
until you quietly left us to romp and play with all of your friends.

January 3, 1994 - April 28, 2006

To whom it may concern,
Evidently your love I had not earned.

For you left me alone without a care,
And in my heart that just was not fair.

I have no idea what I did wrong for you to abandon me,
Weren’t my kisses as sweet as you thought they should be?

I ended up in this horrible place,
Confused, afraid and everyone around me had such sad looks on their face.

Then suddenly I realized that maybe I really was worthwhile,
Someone picked me up, held me close and enjoyed my kisses with a smile.

To whom it may concern,
I want to thank you for the lesson I have learned.

You are not the example of what true love is really all about,
I have found so many that love me without a doubt.

I hope that you can live with the choice that you have made,
Leaving me alone and so afraid.

I leave this world knowing that there are so many people who truly love me,
They asked nothing of me except for my sweet kisses and loved me unconditionally.

By Jan Collins © 4-28-06
Oh our sweet Gabby, what can we say but that we miss you so terribly. Please know that we will continue to help all that we can.
We feel your soft kisses even now.

June 1, 1994 - February 11, 2006

Family Ties
We enter this world so happy and carefree,
Our Mom holds us close as we sit upon her knee.

We go through the puppy stage in leaps and bounds,
Mom enjoys us so much she is always giggling out loud.

We are loved beyond measure my brother and me,
There is Mom, Shawnee and myself which makes three.

As days and years passed and we grow old together,
Mom begins to slow down and tells us don't worry I will get better.

Unexpectedly our world is turned upside down,
Suddenly we are all alone for Mom is now gone.

Mom had assured us that we would be taken care of if she had to part,
She said her family would welcome us with open hearts.

It became apparent to us that this was not true,
No one in the family had time for us two.

Saddened by our loss and feeling so afraid and alone,
The rescue angels arrived and welcomed us both into their home.

Once again we were pampered, cuddled and loved,
And we knew Mom was looking down with a smile from above.

This is a plea to all of those who love their pets dearly,
Please make loving arrangements should you have to leave us early.

It was so difficult leaving you my sweet Shawnee boy,
But when we meet once again we both will be filled with joy.

By Jan Collins © 2-11-06
Dedicated to the Kerrie's and Shawnee's of the world who grieve so for their loved ones and have nothing familiar left. Know that we will always be here for you.
Have no fear sweet Kerrie, we will take good care of your Shawnee until he is romping and playing with you once again.

March 18, 1991 - January 17, 2006

So Much Love in Such a Small Package
I was found in a snow bank shivering and cold,
Someone had just left me because I was old.

They misjudged my desire to continue to live,
I knew that I had so much more love that I would willingly give.

I was matted, starving and filled with parasites,
My rescue angel gathered me up and told me everything would be alright.

I was held close and kept warm until I arrived at this wonderful place,
Where I was bathed, given warm food and lots of kisses on my face.

As I gained my strength back and all of the fear left my body and mind,
I was surrounded by so much love and everyone was so very kind.

I am lying in my Mother's arms right now for this was meant to be,
For me to make my journey and visit others that are waiting for me.
I am helping Mom write this poem as she continues to hold my body close as we part,
I have left her in body, but my spirit will always be embedded in her heart.

By Jan Collins © 1-17-06
For our sweet, fragile Lainey who filled our lives with joy and love. We love you honey and you have taught us so much about forgiveness
and we have been humbled by your total love for us. Sweet dreams baby.

April 3, 1994 - November 8, 2005

There Is Someone Waiting To Love You
We are such loyal, loving and trusting beings,
And continue to believe that our human masters have the same feelings.

No matter how much pain and neglect we endure,
We continue to believe that all around us are pure.
We are left in a cold, dark and lonely place,
With others that have the same sad look on their face.

We never give up and hope that someone will arrive before long,
For we know in our hearts that we have done nothing wrong.

We realize that our future does not look very bright,
And still we just cannot give up without a fight.

We hear people coming and going in and out,
For some reason they just are not hearing our shouts.

We have faith that there is someone out there that will recognize our need,
Even though we are flea ridden and crippled because of our masters nasty deeds.

Our tenacity, faith in humankind and love for life has paid off,
For our Rescue Angel arrives and lovingly says you have been through enough.

You see we have proven that in this world kindness still abides,
We are now so very loved and remain safe at our angel's side.

By Jan Collins © 11-8-05
Dedicated to those that are so physically and psychologically abused, but continue to have faith and know that there is someone very special out there waiting to love them.
Mom and Dad miss you so, our sweet Hunter Bugs. Stay safe until we meet once again.

May 21, 2001 - November 3, 2005

Free To Love Again
Have you ever been crowded into a tiny space,
With many others side by side, face to face?

Have you ever had hair matted to your skin and covered in dirt,
That your body aches so and no matter what you do you continue to hurt?

Have you ever had to fight for a bite of food,
Praying that your owner remembers to feed you and is in a good mood?

Have you ever had to stay in the dark day after day,
Hoping that one day you will see the sun and be able to play?

Have you ever been struck so hard and don?t know why,
Cringing every time you hear footsteps nearby?

Have you ever had your ears so plugged with hair,
That infection thrives and the pain you can hardly bare?

This is the life that many of us endure every single day,
Hoping and praying that we can somehow escape along the way.

The abusers are oblivious to our pain and our fear,
Our painful moaning and screams for help go unheard.

Our rescue angels suddenly arrive and release us from our hell hole,
But unfortunately by then the abuse has taken its toll.

Our bodies are so infected, our life with our angels so brief,
Now with love surrounding us, we have finally found peace.

By Jan Collins © 11-3-05
Dedicated to the Tylers of the world that have endured so much pain and have found solace in our arms if only for a short time.

January 17, 1993 - November 8, 2005

Our Sweet Magician
I was so afraid and alone when I was found,
Looking through my bars I was sure no one would come around.

My sight was going and my legs were somewhat bent,
And I watched as I saw younger dogs that came and went.

I kept begging people with my soulful eyes,
Please I need a gentle pet, don't pass me by.

I continued to have faith for I had so much love to give,
You see, I still wanted so very much to be able to live.

Alas, my angel arrived and I entered this wonderful place,
Where kisses were showered all over my face.

Soon I was blessed with my wonderful Forever Home,
Where I was cuddled, kissed and treated like a King on his throne.

My faith had endured..I could not have been loved more,
And Mom I know there is another out there for you to adore.

Please continue to share your love with as many as you can,
And know that I am looking down as you soothe them with your loving hands.

By Jan Collins © 11-8-05
In memory of our sweet Merly who weaved his magic on everyone he came in contact with..

Dec 21, 1993 - October 12, 2005

Never Give Up
As I sit here on my Mother's lap for one last time getting my belly rubbed,
I look back on my life and feel so fortunate to now truly be so loved.

I entered this world trusting, loving and sweet,
And continued to adore my master as I lay at his feet.

Suddenly my life was turned upside down and now I had a lesson to learn.
What had I done to deserve to be abandoned with no where to turn?

Actually I had done nothing, but grown old and a bit frail,
My master obviously felt that this was too much work for him to entail.

So he threw me out into the world and onto the streets,
I know God will dole out the proper punishment for his awful deeds.

But I was stronger than what he thought I was and continued to know,
That there was someone out here that would make my life whole.

It is amazing what true love can do for us,
We heal, we thrive and again we can trust.

Mom and Dad know that I am happy now and pain free,
Please continue to help more babies, as a special favor just for me.

By Jan Collins © 10-12-05
In Memory of the sweet Belinda's of the world, that are so gentle, kind and loving.
We miss your soft kisses and your warm body snuggled up next to us.

May 9, 1997 - August 11, 2005

Forgive Those That Do Not Understand
People toss us aside and drop us off at places that are not very nice,
They turn their backs on us and don't even think about it twice.

We have been put in an environment that we know nothing about,
Animals crying, and cringing and people that shout.

We are so afraid and alone, but try to do our best,
And then we are expected to pass a temperance test.

We are frightened, have no idea why we ended up here,
Hands reaching for us, people probing us and we bite out of fear.

Then we are put in a room waiting for our lives to end,
For now we are considered vicious, and not given a chance to emotionally mend.

Wait, we hear kind voices, they have to know that something is amiss,
Please, please whoever you are understand that we are not normally like this.

We are gathered into soft arms and we feel our Rescue Angel's tears as they fall,
Don't worry they say for you are now safe from it all.

By Jan Collins © 8-11-05
In memory of the Gatsby's of the world that have so much love to give,
but are discarded and not given the chance to let us know how very loving they truly are.

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