Elmo PATR Pupster

It is that time of year for all of us pupsters to go in for our dentals. Dentals are very important for our health. Heart issues can develop without proper dental care in addition to gum disease and absesses.
We pupsters are asking for your help.
For a donation of $70.00 we can each get our dental completed.
We asked Mom and Dad if we could please give back a little something to all of you for your generosity. They thought this was a great idea.
For each $70.00 donation we will send you one Thank You Gift in the form of
  • Two 911 Belly Bands sizes Extra Small through Extra Large in our choice of fabrics

  • Two Key Fobs in your choice of design
  • One 2011 Peke A Tzu Rescue Calendar

  • One Sink Strainer of your choice

  • OR
  • One Salt & Pepper Shaker of your choice

  • Please see information below to make your Dental Donation for the pupster of your choice
    and to select your Thank You Gift.

    Please Hold Cursor Over Photos
    For Foster Pupster's Name

    Abbott Adelle Alexi Allie Angie Apollo April Arpel
    Ashley Aspen Asta Astro Austin BJ Bailey Bali
    Barney Barry Becca Benny Benson Bentley Biscuit Blue
    Bradley Brinkley Bubbles Butler Caden Calla Candice Caprice
    Carson Celia Champagne Chantelle Chester Claire Coconut Connor
    Crissy Dahlia Daishi Delcey Derek Dickens Dora Dustin
    Dylan Echo Elizabeth Elsa Estee Fiesta Foley Grady
    Grayson Guy Haley Hannah Harlan Harper Huey Ivory
    Jake Janie Jasper Jenkins Jetta Joel Joy Julian
    Kendy Kia Konrad Kori Lace Liana Lily Lizzy
    Logan Lotus Lydia McKenna Macy Magic Marco Margo
    Marik Marilee Marley Marni Marti Mason Mei-Ling Mirila
    Mitch Mopsie Moxie Nadine Noodles Nougat Olivia Otis
    Pappy Peace Pecan Peeka Pepsi Promise Quentin Ramona
    Royce Savvy Shania Sherman Shilo Spencer Spud Suki
    Sushi Sydney Teddee Temple Tessa Tianna Toto Trevor
    Trudie Twain Twila Winona

    Toothy Smile

    Select Foster Pupster for Dental
    in Drop Down Menu.
    Please click on Paypal Button to complete donation

    Select Foster Pupster for Dental

    Select Thank You Gift
    in Drop Down Menu.
    Please click on Paypal Button to request your Thank You Gift

    Select Thank You Gift

    If you prefer to pay by personal check,please
    make your check payable to Peke A Tzu Rescue
    and mail to:
    Peke A Tzu Rescue
    PO Box 1
    Trufant, MI 49347
    Please include the name of the foster for your dental donation,
    your thank you gift choice
    and your email address so we can email to confirm your donation.

    A special thank you from Chessie to Marilyn Leonard for her Dental Donation.
    A special thank you from Zena to Laura Bentley for her Dental Donation.