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Peke A Tzu Rescue Online Foster Application

Fostering with Peke A Tzu Rescue
Peke A Tzu Rescue is a small breed rescue located in Trufant, Michigan. We rescue dogs from local animal shelters, animal control facilities and private owners. All are fostered in our homes until they find their “Forever Home”. Before being placed all dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, house trained and leash trained. All of these babies take a lot of love and care to address emotional and medical issues before they are placed.
Our foster application procedure includes an Application, followed by a Verification of References and a Home Visit. Our first reference call is made to the vet.
Following are our vetting requirements and an applicant will not be considered if the following is not on record:
  • UTD on all shots(Rabies and Distemper)
  • yearly Heartworm Test and applicable medication

  • Please, to save us time and telephone expense, do not apply for one of our rescue dogs if this criteria has not been met. Please read the Fostering FAQ before completing a foster application. You will find that it answers many of your questions. Please note that the below application is NOT for adoptions, if you are applying to ADOPT a dog from Peke A Tzu Rescue, please go to our online Adoption Application.

    Peke A Tzu Rescue Online Foster Application

    Spouse's Name:

    Spouses's Age:

    E-mail address:



    Home Phone:
    Cell or Alternate Phone:
    Employer Address:
    Work Phone:
    Work Hours:
    Do you work from home?:
    Spouse's Employer:
    Spouse's Employer Address:
    Spouse's Work Phone:
    Spouse's Work Hours:
    Does your spouse work from home?:
    Number of children living at home:
    Do you have young children visit on a regular basis? (i.e. grandchildren, babysitting)? If yes, ages of children:
    Are you expecting a child, or planning a family in the future?
    How long have you lived at this address:
    Previous Address if less than 2 years:
    Number of years there:
    List all members living in your home and their ages:
    Is everyone in your home agreeable to fostering a rescued dog? If not, who and why?
    Does anyone in your home have known allergies? If so, please explain.
    In the event of your sudden demise, who would immediately care for your foster furbaby?
    Which of the following terms best describes your current living situation? Own House, Rent House, Own Condo, Rent Condo, Rent Apartment, Own Modular Home, Rent Modular Home, Living with Parents, Living with Others:
    If renting, landlord's name and phone number:
    Social environment (city, suburban, country)?:
    Do you live in a deed restricted neighborhood?:
    If so, what is the limit of pets allowed per household?:
    Does your city or county have a limit of pets per household? If so, what is the limit of pets allowed per household?:
    Does your home have stairs? If so, how many steps in staircase?
    Do you have a doggie door?
    Does your home have a backyard?
    Are there steps from the home into your backyard? If so, how many steps in staircase?
    Is your yard fenced? If so, what is height of fence?
    Do you have an invisible style fence?
    If other, please describe:
    Is fence permanent?
    Is edge of fence buried to prevent tunneling?
    If no fence, are you willing to put in a fenced area for the foster dog?
    Is there a pool? If so, how will you keep the dog safe?:
    Foster and Care Information:
    Will the foster dog be left alone during the day? If so, where will he/she be kept?
    If so, for how long?
    Specifically, what will be the foster dog's living situation? (ex.: run of the house, basement):
    If outside, describe kennel, house, etc.:
    Is this heated and cooled?
    Where will the foster dog sleep?
    If needed, would you be willing to attend obedience training with your foster dog?
    If you have a preference of a male or female foster, please specify:
    Age range:
    Why do you want t foster this rescued dog?
    What activities are you going to engage in with your foster dog?
    How long would you be willing to foster this dog?
    Are you willing to foster a dog with special medical needs, such as daily eye drops, special diet or daily medication?
    What do you consider behavioral problems?
    Are you willing to foster a dog with behavioral issues, such as housetraining, barking, etc.?
    What is your definition of disciplining a dog?
    Under what circumstances would you give up this foster dog? (Divorce, Marriage, Children, Relocation, New Job, Losing Job, Dog develops behaviour issues, Dog becomes ill, etc.)
    Other Pets:
    Are there other pets living in your home? (if not, skip this section):
    List breed(s), age(s), and sex(es):
    Are all other pets current on all vaccinations?
    Are other pets spayed and/or neutered?
    If no to either above, please explain:
    If necessary, will you spay or neuter your current dog?:
    Are other pets on heartworm preventative?
    If yes, brand:
    If no, explain:
    Veterinarian's Name:
    Vet's Phone:
    File name of each pet and owner:
    Approximate date of last Vet visit for each pet:
    Groomer's Name and Phone Number:
    If no Groomer, who will groom your foster rescue dog?:
    Have you attended obedience training with your current or previous pets? If so, trainer's name:
    Does one of your current pets have behavioral issues? If so, what issues and how do you handle?
    List all pets you've owned in the last 10 years (not mentioned above) and their current status:
    General Information:
    Please list any rescued dogs posted on our Peke A Tzu Rescue available pages that you are currently interested in fostering:
    Are you willing to travel to Trufant to pick up your foster rescue dog?
    Have you applied to foster from another rescue group? If yes, which group?
    Please list any rescue, breed, humane societies, training clubs, and similar organizations you support or in which you are affiliated:

    We will provide you with a complete evaluation of your foster dog's temperment.

    Do you understand that often times the complete history of a rescued baby may not be known?
    Please provide the name, address and home phone number(no work numbers please) of three (3) references and their relationship to you. No family references please.
    Reference #1:
    Reference #2:
    Reference #3:

    Please read the following carefully.

    I declare that the information I have provided in this application is complete and correct. I further declare that I am physically able to care for a rescued dog. I understand that proper food is a necessity, and I am able to meet the needs of my fostered dog.

    By submitting this application online, you are agreeing to the above declaration.

    Please print your name again, to be used as a signature on this form.

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