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Peke A Tzu Rescue
Foster Journal

We thought all of you out there would like to see what happens here in our home so we decided we would pop in on occasion and let you know what we are doing. Some days it is just the same old routine, but other times we have a lot of excitement. We hope you enjoy hearing about our activities and seeing a few pictures. The majority of the time you will see us happy, healthy and well groomed, but there is a significant cost involved to get each of us to this point which can be viewed at Foster Vetting Costs..

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October 1, 2013

Wow, did we hit the bonanza today! Auntie Elizabeth and Unkie Tom went shopping just especially for all of us. They bought us bunches of new beds and we mean bunches! Unkie Tom was kind enough to drop them off because he was in our neighborhood. There are so many we do not even have an excuse to fight over them. We’ll be sleeping in comfort for a long time to come.

October 2, 2013

If Nougat thinks he is going to get away with this without a time out we pupsters think he is sadly mistaken. We don’t know how he did this, but he yanked the poise pad out of Tarby's belly band and took off with it. Looks like he plans to make a meal of it…thank goodness Mom had just changed Tarby's poise pad…that would have been really disgusting!

October 3, 2013

Our step sister and brother Precious and Devas are something else at dinner time. Precious will try to bite anyone’s head off if they get near her plate, but she lets Devas do anything he wants. He guards her and she lets him even sneak in for a bit of her food. They both lick the plate clean and then proceed to guard the empty plate. Of course they know Mom can’t resist their pleading eyes and she gives them some carrots, green beans or apples to appease them. Boy, do they ever have her number!

October 4, 2013

Well, let me see…what do we have here? Don’t tell Mom I am investigating the cupboard. She left the door open just enough where Shana here could not resist. MMMM, baby food for those of us who need a little something special after dentals or if we have an upset tummy. Then we have canned green beans and carrots….yum, yum. We love those for treats if we run out of raw veggies. What I am really looking for are our freeze dried treats, but Mom must have them stashed elsewhere. Well, hopefully I’ll have better luck next time!

October 5, 2013

Well, let’s see…what oil fragrances do we want in our shampoo today. You know Mom uses an organic shampoo base and then adds all kinds of yummy oils to the base. Boy, do we ever smell good and our coats look beautiful! She lets us pick out our favorite fragrances most of the time. The great thing is that she can make different shampoos with the oils for individual skin issues and there are no harmful additives in our shampoo. You all should try it…we love it!

October 8, 2013

We would like to ask all of you to keep our sweet chocolate boy Cadbury in your thoughts and prayers. During his routine yearly physical cancer was found in his little body and it is inoperable. Cadbury has been with us for 8 years. He was horribly abused and it has taken years for him to feel safe. Also, please say a prayer for his Sissy Priscilla..they are inseparable and time is drawing near for goodbyes..it will be very difficult for her.

October 9, 2013

All of us pupsters are so proud of our Petals. She is one brave little girl. We were so concerned for her when we found out she would be losing her leg, but she is handling the loss like a champ. She is already doing her Pommy twirls and we have a feeling she will still be able to keep up with all of us when we do our famous blitz. What strength and character our little sister has!

October 10, 2013

Santo, you stick your tongue in my ear one more time and I am telling Mom. You’d best be ready for a huge timeout because this is very inappropriate behavior. Caprice here knows you think you are really macho, but frankly you have absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. If you think this is romantic you are way off base. I think it is absolutely disgusting so please direct your amorous behavior to one of the other pupster girls.

October 11, 2013

Our sweet Orchid left for her Forever Home today. Her Mom and Dad were so happy when they met her. She put on this really shy act, but we pupsters know her better than that. Her Mom brought some fresh cooked chicken for her and you have got to know that got her attention real quick…Orchid is such a piggy when it comes to food you know.

She emailed us when she got home. She said the drive was great and she isn't too sure about her new home so has decided to bed down in the kitchen area with her blankie and toy we sent home with her We are sure when her Mom and Dad go to bed tonight she will be right there trying to steal their pillow!


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