About JMarie

About JMarie


JMarie comes from a large family. She grew up in a farming community surrounded by animals. Her family always had cats and dogs, but on occasion the family would help fox, skunks and other wild animals that were in need.

The love for animals during her childhood was etched deep within her heart and this love has remained with her throughout her life as she raised her own family and worked in the corporate world.

JMarie is now retired and devotes her time to dogs in need. She fosters senior dogs and spends time creating her wonderful digital artwork to help those in need.

With permission from rescues, she began gathering photographs of dogs that had been taken into rescue. These neglected babies were an inspiration and by using photo manipulation, her imagination, her designs, her computer and her mouse she has created digital portraits and other artwork in various ways to help raise funds for the dogs.

Some portraits she has created in a fuzzy look, fabric look, oil painting look, cartoon look, abstract look, solarized look, overlayed on a kaleidoscope of dog's actual photo, overlayed on one of her own designs and other effects that are stunning.

JMarie donates all of her time and material so that 100% of the sales for her Digital Artwork goes toward the dog's needs.

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