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Peke A Tzu Rescue's Transport Volunteer Form

Wendy and Brian in Grand Rapids arriving from
Indiana with Wink and Jacine. Wendy (center)
is holding Nicki, who will be returning with
Wendy for fostering. Judy is welcoming Wink
into our fold (right) and Brian is holding tight to Jacine.

Transport Volunteers Needed
We often need volunteer transporters to get our pups from shelters to foster homes. Most times this requires several drivers each driving a certain number of miles, meeting at exits along the interstates, like a relay. Our transports are monitored and drivers must fill out the following short application to qualify to be a driver. It is a very rewarding experience to know that you are helping to get these rescued babies to safety.

Bruce transporting Echo (Shih Tzu) to PATR from Lansing, Michigan.
This is one way to help and it only takes a few hours maybe once a month or so, depending on where you live. We have many transports in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. If you can drive a few miles every now and again, please fill out this form. We will then contact you to let you know we have received it and add you to our potential transporter email list. Once we have a transport set, we will contact you via the email address that you provided to see if you would be able to drive any of the “transport legs”. We could NOT rescue these dogs without our wonderful transport volunteers!!

Connie transporting Whitney

Your personal information is for the private use of Peke A Tzu Rescue and will not be shared without your express permission.

Nita & Jim transporting Sully & Truffles

Peke A Tzu Rescue Online Transport Volunteer Form
E-mail address:





Home Phone:

Cell Phone (that will be carried with you on your transport leg):

Nearest Big City:

Vehicle Type & Color:

License Plate #:

Your General Physical Description (for other drivers to recognize you, if you are standing outside of your vehicle):

Accessible Interstates:

Distance you could drive one way: (A typical "leg" is 60-90 miles):

Days you can transport:

Are you available for Short Notice Transports?

Please explain if there are any restrictions: size of dog, number of dogs, temperament:

Any other vehicle that may be used for transport?

Do you own a crate that you could bring with you?

Which rescue groups do you volunteer?

Have you done rescue transports before? If so, which group?

Name and phone number of contact for the above rescue group

Please list 2 personal references and your vet as a reference.

1st personal reference (name and phone number):

2nd personal reference (name and phone number):

Vet reference (name and phone number):

Any other comments?

Signature of Applicant:

Date of Application:

Cathlin transporting two Pekeys to PATR from
Detroit, Kerrie pictured.

Christina transporting BeeGee, Abbey and Mischief from Detroit to PATR. Christina is a wonderful gal who took these 3 babies into her home temporarily so that they would not be dropped at a shelter.

Pat & Melissa transporting 3 Cocker Spaniels
from PATR to Cherished Cocker Rescue in Ohio

Barb & Jan D. transporting Neka

Juanita transporting Sully & Truffles

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