Our sweet boy originally came from Canada and is now 10 years old.

Benny was so frightened and shy but after he had a bath and was groomed he started to give these little smiles to us. As time went by those smiles got bigger and bigger. We’ve never had a Bichon before and didn’t know this was a trait of the breed.

Once he knew he was safe he smiled and smiled. We call him our “Smiling Benny”. He may not have all his teeth but his smile is the sweetest smile you have ever seen. He saves many of his biggest and widest smiles for his “Auntie Jan”. He has never forgotten that she was the “Rescue Angel” that got him out of that terrible place and patiently nursed him back to health during a 3 month period along with his soul mates Pocco, Tye, Devas and Tag.

Benny is happy go lucky and so gentle after all he has been through. His beautiful eyes speak to us of love and contentment. And that tail of his is his happy flag where ever he goes.

We look at him sometimes when he smiles at us and realize that if this little guy can still smile and be happy after all he has been through than we can do the same. He may be a senior but one would never know it with his bouncy attitude and happy personality.

Dick and I love him dearly and Benny has given to us his love, trust and smiley personality unconditionally. He is filling our lives with many happy memories. We don’t know how many years Benny will have with us, but each one will be filled with love, hugs and kisses

Dick and Judy Davidson – Proud parents of Senior Benny “The Smiling Bichon”

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