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Rather attending a party, visiting family and friends or wanting
to impress their vet, our bows will fill the bill for your little ones.
Our bows are made with satin, poly cotton or grosgrain ribbon and have a
premium grade rubber grooming band which makes it simple to create
that perfect top knot. The bows also look great on collars should
your little one not be receptive to a top knot.

We offer Single Loop Bows
Bow Number Fourteen
Scallop Bows
Bow Number Seven
Pin wheel Bows
Bow Number Twenty

Bows measuring 1 1/4" x 7/8" or less look great on a pupster 5-10 lbs.
Bows measuring 1 1/2" x 7/8" or more compliment a pupster 10 lbs or more.
Please view measurements for our bows in the drop down menu.
We look forward to your order.

Bow Choices
Bow Number One Bow Number Two Bow Number Three Bow Number Four
Bow Number Five Bow Number Six Bow Number Seven Bow Number Eight
Bow Number Nine Bow Number Ten Bow Number Eleven Bow Number Twelve
Bow Number Thirteen Bow Number Fourteen Bow Number Fifteen Bow Number Sixteen
Bow Number Seventeen Bow Number Eighteen Bow Number Nineteen Bow Number Twenty
Bow Number Twenty One Bow Number Twenty Two Bow Number Twenty Three Bow Number Twenty Four
Bow Number Twenty Five Bow Number Twenty Six Bow Number Twenty Seven Bow Number Twenty Eight
Bow Number Twenty Nine Bow Number Thirty Bow Number Thirty One Bow Number Thirty Two
Bow Number Thirty Three Bow Number Thirty Four Bow Number Thirty Five Bow Number Thirty Six
Bow Number Thirty Seven Bow Number Thirty Eight Bow Number Thirty Nine Bow Number Forty
Bow Number Forty One Bow Number Forty Two Bow Number Forty Three Bow Number Forty Four
Bow Number Forty Five



We hope the following tips will help
you in placing the bow on your baby
creating solid bow placement.
You will need additional grooming bands on hand.

  • Begin your top knot by making two sections of hair front to back.

  • Securely wrap a grooming band several times around the FRONT section of hair.

  • Take your bow and securely wrap the band around the FRONT section of hair.
    Only wrap the band two to three times to allow for easy removal.

  • Take the BACK section of hair forward meeting the front section of hair
    wrapping another band several times around all of the hair directly above the bow.
    Your bow will now be between the front and back sections of hair
    ensuring solid bow placement.

  • If your pet is uncomfortable with the top knot check
    to make sure the top knot is not too tight.

  • To remove the top knot gently clip the band holding
    the BACK section of hair in place avoiding the band on the bow.

  • Gently remove bow once this band has been clipped.
    DO NOT clip the band on the bow

  • Now clip the band holding the FRONT section of hair.

    Price including first class shipping within the continental US is:
  • $1.50 per bow

  • 100% of the bow sales go directly to paying for food and vetting expenses for the foster pupsters in the rescue.
    With so many seniors and special needs dogs, we have huge vet bills.
    No Returns or Exchanges due to sanitary reasons & health issues.

    All bows are shipped via USPS first class shipping within the continental US from Trufant, MI.
    We HIGHLY recommend adding USPS Priority.
    The cost is $5.50 and we allow combined shipping for gift shop items purchased within 24 hrs.
    To order, click on the USPS Priority Shipping Paypal button below.
    If shipping Internationally, postage will be $5.50 and can be added
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    If you prefer to pay by other methods, please follow instructions at the bottom of the page.

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