Kitty Catnip Caboodle™
Cat Toy


Our Kitty Catnip Caboodle™ Cat Toys will have your cat romping, rolling, tossing, chasing, stalking and kicking up their paws!
Your cats want only the best and you cannot fool cats. Our catnip is like no other and they will love it!
The toy is absolutely Purrfect for your favorite feline companion.

View our happy
kicking up her paws in her very own
and see why she LOVES
her Kitty Catnip Caboodle™ Cat Toy

Our Kitty Catnip Caboodle™ Cat Toys are handmade in the USA with 100% organic catnip combined with soft polyfill.

Kitty Catnip Caboodle

Our catnip is locally grown with no sprays or fertilizers. Our volunteer gathers the catnip by hand once or twice per season weather permitting, hangs the catnip until the leaves dry and strips the leaves by hand.
If further drying is needed our volunteer puts the catnip in the oven for 12 minutes (much to her cat's delight) on the lowest temperature
then crushes and sorts out the stems.

Please check out our
from our Kitty Clientele.

Our Kitty Catnip Caboodle™ Cat Toy measures 11" long, 3" wide and 1 3/4" deep.


We have chosen to make our catnip toys out of heavy attractive upholstery fabric. We have found that this fabric is more durable and long lasting.

Fabric Choices
Green Gingham Roses Green Plaid Solar Swirls
Abstract Beige Floral Orange Floral Pastel Swirl
Playtime Scribbles Butterflies Wildlife
Garden Time Lily Pastel Squares

Each Kitty Catnip Caboodle™ Cat Toy is $9.00 which includes USPS First Class shipping within the US.
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If you prefer to pay by other methods, please follow instructions at the bottom of the page.

Kitty Catnip Caboodle™ Cat Toy
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