Emergency Pet Rescue Sticker

To protect our pets we should always be prepared if home evacuation becomes necessary.
Our Emergency Pet Rescue Stickers will insure that rescuers know your pets are inside and need assistance.
Just place on windows at each entrance to your home.
Also, should you be in an automobile accident and your pet is with you
we suggest that you have one of our stickers on a window in your vehicle
so those that respond to the accident are aware that a pet is either in your vehicle with you or at home.
The sticker measures 4" x 5.5".

The Emergency Pet Rescue Sticker is $2.50 each including first class shipping within the US.
If shipping to Canada or UK, postage will be $5.50, so please add to the cart below.
We are now offering US Postal Service Priority mail within the US for $5.50.
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