Freddy is the most happy, go lucky guy and loves everyone. He grumps a bit when he gets on your lap, but that is just his way of talking to us.

Freddy does not show his age. He goes in and out of the doggy door on the run and he loves running up and down with his step brothers and step sister. Dooley is our guard dog and lets everyone know if there is anything outside to bark at. Well, the minute he starts barking Freddy sees him and is off his favorite chair and out that doggy door or up by the window doing his share of the barking to make sure we know that there are visitors or squirrels in the area.

We were not planning on adopting another dog, but with his loving and his grumping ways Freddy crawled right into our hearts. Needless to say, we couldnít see this sweet boy going anywhere else and thatís why he is now a part of our family.

Freddy is my shadow when he is not over by Dick. He jumps from his stool to my lap and it brings joy to my heart when he lays his head on my chest and snuggles. Heís not one for many kisses, but he loves to snuggle.

We feel blessed to have Freddy in our lives. He brings endless joy to us every single day.
We love our Freddy so much and hope our story will help others out there be aware of how much love these very special kids have to give and that they add so much to our lives.

Forever Mom and Dad,
Dick and Judy

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