This is our 11 year old Ginger. She is the sweetest, gentlest little Shih Tzu girl. She came to us from a breeder and she knew nothing but being bred and having puppies for 8 years. Her puppies were highly valued because she is a true liver and white Shih Tzu with the brown eyes and brown nose.

She was in terrible condition when she arrived into our loving arms. She had been shaved right down and oh my, did she smell. She had 2 growths on her back and mats hanging out of her ears. She was the saddest little dog we had ever seen. But when I picked her up and held her close she laid her head on my shoulder and kind of purred. Boy, that did it for me. I think I fell in love with her right then and there. She was supposed to be my first foster in rescue, but as you can see, I flunked, smile.

We bathed her and cleaned her ears – she looked so pretty and smelled so good. All the time she just looked at us with the saddest brown eyes we had ever seen. We took her to our vet and had her spayed and the lumps removed from her back and a dental done. We were told that it was a good thing she got to Docs as soon as she did. She had an infection in her uterus that she would have died from in not too short a time.

It took quite awhile working with her before she would come to me when I called her name. She would let me pick her up and love on her and she would push her little body tight to mine and just purr away. It took Ginger many months not to run and hide when someone new came into the house. But gradually you could see the trust and love in her eyes and she started playing with Dooley our 2-year-old Tzu. What a joy it was to watch her play with him. After that she started coming out of her shell more and more. She became the happy little Tzu girl that she was meant to be. She holds her head and tail high, running to the door to greet visitors as they arrive.

She is my baby and I spoil her rotten but she deserves it after all she went through. She also has taught me to be patient. I wanted her to be happy, happy right away. She taught me that some things take time but they are worth waiting for. She has shown me this through putting her fear away of people and interacting with our other fur kids over a period of time. And I can tell you it was worth waiting for, she is a joy in Dick and my life. Also in others that have watched her blossom into the wonderful little lady she is today.

Dick and I will forever be grateful that we adopted Ginger, the gentle little lady of our furry kids. She is filling our lives with many happy memories. Every day is filled with Ginger’s wonderful kisses and hugs.

Dick and Judy Davidson – owned by our sweet, gentle Shih Tzu Ginger

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