At the time, I wasn't really totally aware of the medical problems that Isaac had, even though Jan Collins had made me aware of them. But once we brought Isaac home, we were blessed with his "courageous personality" and his ability to get around with partial sight. In addition, he has some heart issues, but we are dealing with them and he is doing nicely.
Isaac gets along very well with all our other dogs and is a big part of our household. I am so happy with my adoptions from Peke A Tzu that we now have 4 more of their dogs for a total of 7 within a year!!! If I was able to handle more I certainly would.
Isaac gets along with everyone and is very happy and content in our household. I don't know all of his background but I know he was sadly neglected before Peke A Tzu found him in a shelter. I am so happy to be making his senior years happy ones as he is adding pleasure to ours. I wouldn't hesitate to add a "special needs baby" to our household. They give so much joy in return.
I have seen totally blind dogs at Peke A Tzu that are very able to get around and are totally happy. They would love a "forever home" where they could be loved and cuddled 24/7.

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