And that is where Jenny and I met!
Interestingly enough, I had already been in communication with Jan about adopting one of three pupsters…Shilo, Posey or Chanelle. But when Jan called me to discuss the adoption, she was startled when I asked if Jenny could also be added to the list of possible adoptees. After a few moments of silence, Jan spoke…and it was clear to me that she was crying; Jenny was a special needs baby and very close to Jan’s heart; I don’t believe she thought she would be adopted so quickly!
Needless to say, it did not take long for Jenny to become an important member of my little household. And take control of the situation she did! Her past history, unknown for the most part, did not impede her from being a happy and spunky and well adjusted little pupster.
Perhaps Jenny’s most “fun” time was “scaring” any un-welcomed visitor who happened to walk by the house. She and Oliver made a great team as “guard dogs”, with low-keyed Benjamin placidly observing their antics.
One of her most endearing qualities, however, was her readiness to give her gentle kisses to those she loved. She soon had “the boys” eating out of her paws!
As 2005 turned into 2006, little Jenny lost her interest in strangers. She lost her appetite and wasn’t too eager to eat. She and I visited the vet several times and were trying different foods and meds. In spite of all efforts, Jenny did not seem to be getting any better.
In late February, she had what I perceived to be a slight seizure, from which she quickly recovered. On a Saturday evening in early March, however, when she did not go outside with the others, I turned around to look for her and she was lying on the kitchen floor with legs stretched out. When I picked her up to take her outside, she just sat there. Back in the kitchen she continued to sit for about 20 minutes and "pooped" twice. I called a friend and we took Jenny to the animal emergency hospital. After multiple x-rays and medications, the diagnosis was early heart disease with sinusitis.
A week later, on a Friday night, I was holding Jenny on my lap and the others were in their comfort spots. Suddenly, I heard a loud, screeching noise and, at first, thought it was an alarm from outside. But then I looked down and realized the sound was coming from little Jenny! She was crying to go home to the Rainbow Bridge. Amidst our tears, her cry was answered the next day.
Jenny was one very special little lady! Even though with us for such a short time, I would adopt her again...or any other special needs or older pupster. Ruth, Forever Mom

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