I was just one of many poor souls wandering the street,
Hunting for kindness and something to eat.

I struggled each day and told myself I would live through this,
I just knew that there was someone who couldn't wait to give me a kiss.

I ended up in this horrible place confused and alone,
No one cared if I ate nor was I given a bone.

I felt like just curling up and slowly fading away,
But these wonderful people arrived and saved my day.

We spent many a night together pacing the floor,
But never once did anyone ask for anything more.

I loved my Mom and Dad and my home was the best,
But I grew tired and weak and needed to rest.

Don't grieve Mom and Dad for I am happy, healthy and free,
Everyone loves me here for just being me.

© Jan Collins 8-25-04
To our sweet, sweet little teddy bear, we miss the feel of your soft body close to us and looking into your loving eyes.

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