A Champion I Will Always Be

I once was a finished Champion standing straight and tall,
When I was in the show ring I gave it my all.

Evidently I wasn't meant to be number one,
So my owner sold me and the life I had known was done.

I was kenneled and used for breeding only,
No more kisses and cuddles, my life was so lonely.

The years passed and many puppies came and went,
While I remained in my prison becoming older and bent.

One day, thanks to God, my rescuer arrived,
And for the first time in years I could look up at the sky.

Thirteen long years of my life had past,
I was weak, nearly blind, but determined to last.

I embarked on a very long journey and was told,
That someone was waiting there for me that would love me tenfold.

I was greeted with lots of tears, cuddled and kissed,
And was told, “We will try to make up for all that you have missed.”

I showed my Mom and Dad all of my cute little tricks,
The best was to scrunch up my nose and it would twitch and twitch.

Mom and Dad told me in their eyes a Champion I would always be,
There wasn't a ribbon or an award that would be good enough for me.

I truly believe that love heals the body and soul,
And I know for me that was God's goal.

The last years of my life were spent being lavished with love.
The bad years faded in my memory and I thanked God up above.

As I made my journey and crossed over the Bridge and walked to the end,
I bade farewell to my loved ones standing straight and tall once again.

By Jan Collins © 12-16-03
In memory of Marc Sr. who taught us the true meaning of strength, compassion and unconditional love.

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