AnnieBlue's Forever Home Update

June 24, 2005
Hi Jan,
This is the first time my computer has been working for a while. It's not the computer, it's me. Annie Blue is this adorable babies final name. She is precious and I will get a photo to Val and maybe she can email it to you. Tomorrow, Sat. will be a whole month together. She comes to work with me every day. Everyone that meet's her adore's her. Before we come to work in the morning's, she like's to go in the back yard and chase the squirrel's and watch the bird's. At aprox. 9 p.m. she goes to her basket of toy's and get's out a tennis ball and then I grab two more and we go outside to play ball. She is very smart. We even have Red and Snicker's (our landlord's dog's playing sometime). Believe me this is a first for Red and Snicker's to even get along with each other, let alone another dog. amazing.
Sharon and Annie Blue.

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