A Road Built With Love

Lifeís road can sometimes be really rough,
And we learn to endure and become really tough.

We cope with the loneliness and despair,
And at times feel that no one truly cares.

We are resilient, brave and we believe that someone up above,
Will repave our rough road and cover it with love.

Suddenly out of nowhere people arrive to begin reconstruction,
And we watch in dismay as they dole out instructions.

They slowly begin to resurface our road with love, kindness and tears,
At first we are hesitant, but then we begin to draw near.

Patience, love and time finally bring our road to completion,
But there is one very important detail we neglected to mention.

Twas our rescue angels that built our new road for us,
So that we could leave behind our fears and distrust.

We now walk down our road paw in hand with our loved ones.
Our road is covered in so much love it canít even be measured in tons.

By Jan Collins© 9-24-07
Devin, we promise that we will continue to always be under construction rebuilding roads covered in love so that others find their loving Forever Home just as you did. Sweet dreams little one.

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