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Forever Home

January 15, 2013
Hi Jan,
Bali has become more confident and spent a few days with my sister (and Bali's girlfriend, Molly) when I was away last week. He's on my lap right now for some pre-work lovin'. His spot at night is right next to me. He continues to be a goof with all of his toys and we definitely have to play catch every night. His favorite is an icky old squirrel with no stuffing left. :-)
Take care of the little ones!

October 13, 2012
Hi Auntie Jan,
I really have to tell you that these cats can be a little annoying sometimes. Just because I got a bath and smell nice, they keep sniffing me! Maxx is following me around. I wish he would go take a nap.
It's getting cold here now. Mom tried to make me wear Laya's coat, but it's a little girly for me. Auntie Judy said that she bought me a new coat at a doggy store. Can't wait to see it.
Tell the pupsters that I miss them all.
Luv ya,

June 30, 2012
Hi Jan,
It was great to see you again.
The trip home went well with Bali. He rode very well in the carrier. I stopped a few times but he didn't do anything. Traffic thru Chicago was horrible and took over an hour to even go a few miles. I got back about 745pm Central time. The meet and greet went really well. Radar went right up to Bali and they sniffed each other and then followed each other around. Cassie watched from the counter for a while but it only took her a few minutes and they were next to each other. Maxx is still observing from his spot on the back of the couch. Jasmine was a little nervous at first but once they sniffed, she was rolling on the floor and purring. Bali isn't phased at all by the cats. Must just be new purrs playmates to him :-)
Radar brought in a baby bunny (still alive) and I made him drop it. The bunny ran outside and the chase ensued! Radar chasing the bunny and me chasing Radar. Then Cassie got in on the fun. It must have looked like a 3 ring circus. Bali came out to see what all the noise was about and he was even running around the yard. He did well with the steps in and out. I put a belly band on him in the house since he didn't pee. He was hungry and finished all of his supper. I think it may be an active night in his new surroundings and checking things out.
Thank you for letting Bali come into my life. Auntie Judy (my sister) had a bag of presents and new toys waiting for him here :-) I'll send pictures later and will keep you posted.
Love Ya, Sue

July 2, 2012
Hi Jan,
Bali is doing well adjusting and is getting along great with the cats. He found one of the cat toys that he likes. I took him in the car today to visit "grandma." He was nervous but was checking out her house and did pretty well overall.
He has a favorite napping spot by the couch. Even though I have 4 beds, he doesn't have any interest in sleeping in them.....weird. Maybe since they smell like cats. He even barked a few times when he heard noises outside.
There were a few times that he was whining. When I was in the bathroom(he won't come in the bathroom) and when I was outside and he was by the door. Not sure why he was whining. I'm still trying to figure out his potty routine and intervals. Seems like he holds it for a long time.
I went to get my oil changed and left him home. He was sleeping on my bed when I came home which was good.
We just came in from outside and had a great time running around. He is a little goof ball when he gets going. He ran into the house, grabbed the cat toy and was throwing it around. I think he'll do fine as he gets used to me. I see a difference between yesterday and today already.
I only hope that he'll be ok and not cry if I'm not home. I'll do a few more short times away this week and take him to check out doggy daycare to see how that goes.

July 6, 2012
Hi Jan, Bali is fitting in like he's always been here. You picked him perfectly for me and the cats. They get along great. He's gotten a few new toys which he loves playing with. He is such a character sometimes.
I took him to the vet yesterday to have his ear checked since he was rubbing it and had more gunk. He's on drops in both ears twice a day. He's such a good boy.
We've had a few poop accidents in the house. I think it's during the night and I don't hear him get up. With Laya, she would rustle around on the bed since I had to lift her up and down so I would wake up.
We went to visit grandma again today. I want to try to get him used to going places and in the car. We stopped at the doggy daycare to check it out. I think that I'll wait with that for a little while until he's more comfortable with me and less timid. They had some small dogs and 2 groups (more playful; older) which is good but he was really nervous and I just held him as we looked around. I'm worried how he'll be when I have to go back to work on Monday. Right now, he follows me around and makes sure he can see me or is near me. I'm debating leaving him to roam the house and just put a belly band on him. I've only left him for short periods so far.
I found some Nature's Variety raw food and also Vital Essentials which I believe is made here in Green Bay. Both have the frozen patties which are nice but a little more expensive.
Hope you are staying cool.

July 9, 2012
Hi Jan,
I have to laugh.......Bali has been keeping watch and won't let anyone break into the house without letting me know! Today it looks like he did ok while I was at work. When he heard me come home, he was barking and scared the cats. Sort of a circus for a little while but he was happy to see me.
I just love him so much already! Hugs to Nougat.
Take care,

July 15, 2012
Hi Jan,
Bali is slowly adjusting and feeling more comfortable. Today we went to visit grandma again and he took a nap on her couch while we visited. I stopped at doggie daycare to see how he would be. They brought out 2 older Pugs and a Beagle into the indoor play area. Bali was looking for me at first but then was interacting with the other dogs and his tail was wagging which was a good sign. The Beagle wanted to play. It looked like Bali was trying to be dominant with one of the Pugs. I was very encouraged. I'll try to take him there this week and see how it goes. They said they've had other dogs who were afraid at first and now can't wait to come there and play.
They also carry a different brand of a raw diet so I picked up some of the beef patties. We'll see if he like it.
We are still working on getting used to the leash. Today we made it to the end of the driveway and back. We are going at his pace to make sure he's ok with it.
I am so happy how he and the cats are doing. Like they're buddies.
Love ya,

August 1, 2012
Hi Jan,
Bali is doing really well. I can't believe how much I love him already! I wonder what I ever did without him. He is still shy and backs up if I walk toward him. I have a feeling that he may always be like that. I need to sit or get to his level so he comes to me. I think his favorite place is on the bed. He runs and jumps up there so he can watch me getting ready in the morning. He is so exited when I get home and barks and squeals.
He doesn't like the leash much but have made some progress and have gone above 1/2 block and back. He's gone to doggy daycare 4 times so far and they said that he hangs out to the side and doesn't interact too much with the other dogs.
Does he have issues with bathrooms? He never goes in there.
Thanks for posting the photos in the foster journal. I always enjoy your stories.:-)
Stay cool.

May 26, 2015
Hi Jan,
Bali is a perfect example of love and hugs turning him around. Now, when anyone comes to visit, he greets them and wants attention. If they don't pet him, he paws at them. He loves going for walks and knows where all of his puppy friends live and whines to go greet them. He is my little love. I love snuggling with him. The kitties love him too.

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