Bangles's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

January 9, 2016
Hi Jan,
We made it home around 5pm. Angel was a very good girl in the car all the way. She seems ever so sweet. She seems right at home with playing with toys. She is very inquisitive with going thru each room. She is just so darned cute! She pottied outside for me 3x when taken out with Buddy. She ate her dinner very well also. Buddy seems to be a little confused and I think he is thinking that he is not the top dog anymore. He really needs to go thru an adjustment period I think, then he will warm up to her. Angel has a sweet personality and warmed up to both my son and daughter. She is such a little sweetie. I will email again and get pics sent in the near future. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt this little treasure. Keep up the good work at your rescue. I commend you for all your hard and loving work that you provide to such needy pupsters who all deserve their 4ever home.

January 12, 2016
Hi Jan!
My daughter took pics of Buddy and Daisy a few days ago. Buddy is slowly trying to adjust to Daisy. She is a little sweetie and is already sleeping on my bed at night with Buddy. I was teetering on the name of Angel or Daisy......and I decided that "Daisy" is her new name.
Have a great day!
Jenny :)

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