Barklee's Forever Home Update

May 1, 2005
Hi Jan!
Barklee continues to do very well. I haven't organized a picture yet, but it's on my list of "Things to do." His hair is getting very long and cuddly. We go to the vet next week to get ahead of the flea season and for his annual check up and vaccinations. He's loads of energy and always a boost to happiness -- except his occasional "accidents" that I think he plans :) We love him anyway!!!!

March 3, 2005
Hello Jan,
I just thought I'd send you an update on my little cutie Barklee. He has wiggled and bounced his way into our family so perfectly. I don't know where he gets his energy, but he's a constant source of amazement for all of us. He rules the roost! His best buddy is Ebony the cat -- who is twice his size. Ebony awaits Barklee emerging from the bedroom then the two of them are off to the races. They take turns chasing each other around and around the couch and sneaking bites of each other's food. I brush Barklee daily and his has the most gorgeous poofy hairstyle when he plays fetch with his beanie-baby birdie.
He had a good vet appointment on the 21st where he got his rabies booster and is set up for his heartworm/flea medications in a couple months.
We love him very much!

February 8, 2005
Good Afternoon Jan!
Barklee strutted his stuff at school this morning. He was very well behaved, but the principal requested that I take him home -- darn it. The principal was probably jealous of all the attention.
His little legs certainly got lots of exercise though. The librarian took a picture of him in his cute little carry-along bag with some students in the hall. She is going to e-mail me the pictures when she gets home, and then I will forward them to you. It was definately a good day!
I also made Barklee's new patient check-up for February 21 with Dr. Hansen in Gladwin. She said she won't put him on heartworm preventative until May, put I'll still feel better having him as an established patient should any emergencies come up. I'll give her the sheet you gave me too. Thanks.
Also, I noticed a scab on his right ear. It doesn't look like anything significant. I'm going to keep an eye on it though and I'll get him in sooner to Dr. Hansen if it gets worse not better. I'm guessing it's probably a wrestling bite nick?
Knowing now his character and your description of how he'd bounce on the others, it would only make sense. It doesn't look like any type of infestation or infection. He's in good hands! Another teacher fell in love with him too, but I said, "back off he's mine." Kinda funny when we women have reached the age where we are possessive over our dogs. ha ha ha ha I passed on the info regarding adoption.
I'll drop a picture soon.
Barklee's Mom

February 7, 2005
Hello Jan!
I like your description of Barklee blowing in like a little tornado, that he is, and every moment an even cuter tornado. He got a bath tonight in the kitchen sink and LOVED the blowdryer. He'll be primped right up for his day at work tomorrow! I wish I could bottle his energy!!!! It makes me laugh so hard as he flys around the room poofing as he walks/jumps/struts.
I'll be sending more pictures soon.

February 6, 2005
Oh yes, The day was very busy but my Barklee buddy tagged along with me :) You weren't kidding about his energy!! WOW! He is even more adorable. He has this stuffed birdy toy that he loves to run and fetch. I've brused him at least 4 times. I know he's remarkably spoiled with me and I must give you credit for doing such a remarkable job fostering him -- THANKS! My son had 2 of his friends over for super bowl and he loved jumping off everyone's laps and fetching his birdy. We are pretty good at taking him outside every couple hours and he goes pee each time, however he's left me two piles, but they were very easy to pickup and flush. I have now worries that eventually we'll get the rountine going. Aw heck...someday when I leave poop piles, I hope they'll be understanding of me -- ha ha ha ha.
The cat is scared to death of him despite the fact that she is twice as big. Our big black cat's name is Ebony, so my son thought it funny if Barklee was called Ivory -- then we'd have Ebony & Ivory == ha ha ha ha, but we like the name Barklee just fine, and he knows his name. My son was even showing off to his friends how Barklee can do his little dance. Also, I've introduced Wendy to Barklee. We've been very slow with yesterday I placed Barklee inside the cage, I put Wendy on her leash and we slowly walked into the room. At which point Wendy spotted the stranger Barklee and started breathing really hard and woobly, so we left the room, I settled her down and gave her a towel that was in Barklee's bed and had it in her sleeping bed for the night. Then this morning went off without a hitch :) Wendy wagged her tail, sniffed up at Barklee, but when Barklee yipped, Wendy jumped, looked at me, rolled her eyes and walked away -- she was probably thinking -- "He's got way to much energy for me!" I felt much relief.
OH, and Barklee works very fine on the leash and harness you gave him. He's so fluffy now that when he walks/struts he poofs! And with his wound up energy when we come in from going outside to potty, he can poof through the room in 3 leaps -- couch to chair to rug to couch, and then sits staring perfectly, "Ain't I cute?" Yes he is.
We love our Barklee!
I'll be sending pictures soon too. He's really really cuter with his little hair clips!!!
Barklee's Mom!

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