Be True To Those You Love

I certainly was not perfect in all of my ways,
All I wanted is to be loved for the rest of my days.

There are times that our loved ones choose to turn their backs on us,
Things happen in their lives and priorities change just because.

I certainly have no regrets about where I ended up to be,
For I was loved and cuddled unconditionally.

If you cannot commit your love to us until the very end,
Then do not bring us into your lives and toss us aside and expect us to mend.

You see we are devoted creatures who believe in love, devotion and trust,
We expect total commitment for this is a must.

Please everyone listen to my plea,
For I do not want anyone to go through the same thing as me.

By Jan Collins © 8-1-05
In memory of those babies that all of a sudden are not “important” anymore. We love you Oreo and we will see you again to give you lots of cuddles and kisses.

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