Bingo's Forever Home Update

December 24, 2004
Dear Jan,
Sorry we haven't written in a long time but you are thought about often. Bingo has been a busy dog this summer he went to Niagara Falls-Canada, New York State Camping and several Camping Trips around Michigan. This fall he went to visit the grandchrildren in Tenn. He sure is a good dog and we love him very much. In fact has influenced are children so that each family now has a dog. He loves to be outside as you can tell by the picture. Thank you again for choosing us to become his parents. Happy Holidays and many thanks.
Barb & George

June 10, 2004
Hi Jan,
Sorry you haven't hear from us in a while but our daughter from Tenn was home for another week visit. The grandkids keep us pretty busy. They just love Bingo he plays so well with them. Our youngest Brad is 4, he says that Bingo runs like the wind and he wants to get a dog just like Bingo. Bingo loves to be be outside. He doesn't chase the birds anymore but the chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits drive him crazy especially if he is in the house looking out the glass doors. He is learning not to bark if we are sleeping. He has started medication for heartworm. He is needing his hair and nails cut so we will be getting that done in the next few days. We love him and it hard to believe he has only been with us 3 months. He had his first experience of staying overnight at our daughter's house when George and I went out of town for a wedding and did really well. Well with all the rain we have had I need to say good-bye so I can give Bingo a bath. We will send a new picture of Bingo after he gets his hair cut. Take care and we will write more later.

April 21, 2004
Hi Jan,
Sorry it has taken so long to reply, our daughter and grandchildren have come in from Tennessee. With grandchildren here off for spring break it has been very lively and busy at the house. Bingo has been the center of attention and is a big hit !!! The kids just love him and he loves to play with the 5 of them. We took Bingo for his first grooming on Good Friday, the lady said he was extremely good. We had his hair cut to about an inch to even his hair, he looks so cute that we may not let his hair grow back long. It is so much easy to take care of when he loves the out doors. He is still fascinated and curious about the birds, chipmunks, rabbits and other dogs. He is so good in the house, he has never had and accident. He doesn't touch the kids toys only his. He can be playing with you, but knows when to quit and lays down of the couch beside you. He is good about coming when called. He has made a friend with our neighbor, he comes over to see Bingo, when he hears Bingo outside. He said he would love to get a dog just like Bingo. So if you come across another Bingo, he would be interested in adopting it. George and I are so happy with Bingo and thankful that you chose us to adopt him.

March 13, 2004
Good Evening Jan,
Here are some pictures of Bingo with George and I. We sure love him. He has been so good, no accidents in the house. He sleeps on the foot of our bed and sleeps the night thru. The grandkids just love him and he has been terrific with the kids. In fact, our granddaughter asked if she can stay with us the whole week she is off for Easter and for the summer so she can be with Bingo.
We really want to thank you for all the help you have given to Bingo and for choosing us to be his adopted parents.
Thanks for everything!!!
Barb & George

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