Bitsy's Forever Home Update

August 30, 2005
Hi Everyone!
Well, here she is - Bitsy! We've been together since April 12, a little over 4 months, and it seems like she's been here forever. She's doing good - no accidents in the house, has settled into our eating routines, knows my body language for things I want her to do, knows the basic commands (except for "come" and she's very stubborn on this, will only come when she wants to), let's me know when someone is at the door, and barks like crazy to come in. She has a phobia of my cleaning lady - wants out of the house as soon as she arrives and won't come back into the house while she's here, becomes very clingy, pants, and would probably run out the gate while she's here. I have no idea why because the lady likes dogs and has always been kind to her. I'm thinking of crating her while she's here for two hours a week.
Bitsy is not an over affectionate dog but when she wants to, gives kisses and cuddles. At night, she starts on the bed, then goes to the floor by a vent or the door. We'll see if this changes in the winter.
Bitsy has had a problem with allergies and poop eating. I clean the poop up as fast as I can, but she's very quick. No amount of Forbid has a lasting effect. We've gone to the doctor several times for allergies and I think the next step is a specialist. I've changed her food to a special food and that does seem to help somewhat. My Spunky was allergic to grass and I'm wondering if she is too. I think this winter will be very informative to me. Bitsy also has insurance now, so hopefully the cost of the allergist can be offset somewhat.
You can see that Bitsy still likes on top of the filing cabinet. That's her special lookout. She's still a gem to groom. Her markings are beautiful! I'm letting her hair grow for now as she's so easy to groom. The biggest issue is the staining both from her eyes and from allergy licking. She licked one spot so much she took the color out. Amazing.
Hope all is well with everyone at your end. Keep up the good work. Like the saying goes, someone's trash is another person's treasure. Well, Bitsy certainly is a treasure to me.
Bitsy and Rocky

June 2, 2005
Hi Jan,
The Bitsy adventure continues with a boo-boo on her foot. Her and Rocky play so much (barking and all) that at first I thought she had bruised it or sprained it rough housing, so I did all the appropriate things so it could heal, but it continued. At the doctors, we discovered what looked like a puncture wound in her toe, so he probed it and found some hard white substance like dried up cottage cheese, removed it, bandaged her foot and put her on antibiotics. Of course she had to wear the cone collar which she tolerates with an attitude (it's cute). She started getting better immediately and after a week her bandage is now off and she's jumping and being her playful self. What a good match her and Rocky are! But of course he's teaching her all his bad habits like scratching the door when someone is there and barking. Her favorite spot in on top of the filing cabinet in my office (living room) where she can watch outside and alert me to anything going on out there. She's also become quite a cuddler and loves her belly being rubbed! She's great at grooming too. My first dog that is and what a pleasure grooming her is. No fighting! With her energy level and playfulness it's hard to believe she's 5 years old.
It's so cute - she's come to the point where at night when I'm turning off the lights to go to bed, she leads the way, in her own way telling me it's time to sleep and where the bed is. That tells me she's made this her home and me her mommy.
Take care and more updates to follow.

May 1, 2005
She gets more wonderful with every passing day! And very friendly! She wants to jump up in laps when I have visitors and gives them a kiss! Whereas Rocky will growl and bark and be wary of strangers, not Bitsy! She makes up for his rudeness. She's just settling in and getting comfortable and secure. Basements are off limits to her unless supervised for the time being (one "accident"). They both like it down there as it's my TV area and professionally finished. Lot's of room to run and play with each other. My sister is now looking for another Doberman although her husband wants the freedom to travel for a little bit. She does have two cats though, one of which will be crossing the bridge most likely sooner rather than later. He's already outlived his prognosis. The problem isn't sending pictures, it's NOT sending pictures. I just love digital cameras!!!! Sandi

May 1, 2005
Hi Jan and everyone,
How did you know I was going to send some more pictures and an update? Today is Rocky and mine 1st anniversary. What a difference a year makes with him! He has become the dog I saw in his spirit and character not the psycho dog I brought home with me a year ago.
Look at this cute picture of Bitsy and Rocky! I can't believe she's been with us only since April 12! It's like her and Rocky were meant for each other. They play all the time and she's not barking constantly while she plays anymore (whew). He lets her have the upper hand but I think that's all in his head. She's definately not one to back down or be submissive. They're equal, which is great.
Bitsy had her first grooming this week. We evened off all her hair so it will grow in one length. Also discovered she has allergies so she's on medication right now. They're probably seasonal (I hope). My Spunky had them all year long and saw an allergist for relief. I thought Bitsy had the beginnings of dry eye but we're hoping it's just the allergies. She had to wear a cone for a couple of days which she tolerated quietly.
I think the pictures will tell the story that she's happy here. She's such a sweetheart and I'm thrilled we were a match.
Take care and I'll send more down the road a piece.
Sandi, Rocky and Bitsy

April 20, 2005
Hi Jan & Judy,
Jacine's name is now Itsy Bitsy, or Bitsy for short. What a wonderful little girl. You'd never guess she was 5 years old. She runs circles around Rocky, although being the only dog in the house for 11 months he probably became complacent but Bitsy is fast changing that! They lay together in front of the window, outside the door, she goes behind the garage and he goes looking for her, they run all over together in the backyard, and what's really cute is they cross over a little wooden bridge I have chasing each other. Bitsy is the only I had that didn't have to be shown what the bridge was and how to use it! She's one smart doggie.
As for sleeping, well, she sleeps great, I toss and turn on the 14" of mattress they allow me and Rocky has to be glued to me so I have to be careful not to roll on him. They take turns at the head of the bed next to a pillow. I'll fall asleep with one next to my head and wake up to another one.
Bitsy goes in for grooming on Tuesday. She's great with brushing. Rolls on her back to enjoy the brush or comb. Another first for me. All the others had their idiosycracies but she's real easy. Not so with cleaning her eyes though. She's only had one accident in the house and it was when I was changing over her diet to a different brand and she had very loose stools and I took a shower rather than let her out. Oops. I learned my lesson!
Bitsy has taken my mother's heart! We were sitting in the backyard and Bitsy came over and jumped in my mother's lap and rested her head in the crook of her arm. That did it for my mom, she was ready to take her home! She's one of the friendliest and gentlest dogs I've met.
I'll keep you informed periodically and send new pictures occasionally too. Again, thanks for have Bitsy (Jacine) there for me to adopt.

April 15, 2005
Good morning Jan,
She's incredible! Why would anyone mistreat this little girl is beyond me. She's absolutely a perfect additioon to our family. Rocky's a very happy doggie too. For being as little as she is, she's sure one tough cookie. I don't think she fears anything which is a miracle considering how you received her. I wasn't sure if we were meant for each other on the ride up to your place and told Jody that if "it" wasn't there, I wasn't going to adopt her. But when I first held her I knew she was mine. OK, after living with her these past 2.5 days her name came to me just before I went to sleep last night. Itsy Bitsy because she's my itsy bitsy little girl. I know she's not teeny tiny like some of the doggies you have, but to me she's just the itsy bitsy littlest sweetheart I may ever have. So, what do you think? I went through 4 names before I named Rocky. I want to get to know a little about their personalities first I think before a name will come to mind. To me Itsy Bitsy fits her perfectly.

April 14, 2005
Hi Jan,
Well she certainly sleeps good and sound! She's done real good with her toilet, knows exactly where to go both to the back door and in the yard. Very smart little girl. She met her new vet and groomer yesterday along with the all the other staff. Of course she can't be groomed yet but Mary Kay met her.
I'm sending more pictures so you can see she's adjusting very easily. Both her and Rocky. Here's her favorite places: the chair where she can see out the window and be up high, in front of the front door with Rocky looking out, right behing my desk chair where of course I could roll right over her so I have to remember that's she's probably behind me when I'm working, and she loves running around the yard especially behind the garage so I can't see her. She's having a good time exploring. As for the name, you could use both so people will remember her. I really am happy with her. My affection for her is growing rapidly. She's such a sweet little girl! Thanks for rescuing her.

April 13, 2005
Good morning,
Jacine slept all through the night on the bed. I didn't, but she did! I kept waking up to check on her.
I think she's settled in. As I type her and Rocky are rolling around on the floor, she's cooing (it sounds like), they're taking turns being alpha. She likes the yard as it's lots of new stuff to explore. Her and Rocky go running all over the place. It's really cute. She doesn't seem to like toys or her floro bed but maybe in time. Rocky somewhat ignored her at first, then got curious, then came to me with that look "why is she still here?" Especially during the night. This morning he's discovered she's an excellent playmate and now he has that very happy look on his face. I think we'll be OK. There's no problem with sharing the water bowl, but I sit between them when they eat as I know Rocky will go after her food. After all, he's not overweight because he hates food. He's a little piggy.
By the way, she seems to know the command stay. That's very good. I'll send pictures later.

April 12, 2005
I'll send more to you as I take them. I like the one of her looking out the car window at Judy's house.
Now, regarding the name - she answers to Jacine so that's her name BUT I also like Jacey which is real close to Jacine so she'll probably be called both. Hope you don't mind. It was a real pleasure meeting you and your sister yesterday. You can tell you care for each and every one of the doggies, whether they're with you a short time or forever. You can tell by the dog's temperaments and their conditions. Thank you for all your good work.

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