Blind Love

We canít express how lucky we were,
To have sweet Giselle with us here.

Blind, deaf and left all alone on the street,
Giselle absolutely refused to go down in defeat.

The call from the shelter was filled with despair,
For they felt no one would really care.

All it took was one look at her sweet face,
And we immediately arranged foster space.

When we first held this sweet little girl in our arms,
We realized that she was filled with unbelievable charm.

As the days passed and she became such a big part of our life.
We couldnít believe how anyone could have put her through so much strife.

She loved the flower gardens and as her nose would lift to the sky,
We knew she could still see beauty without any eyes.

Giselle taught us patience and humility,
She was an amazing little girl with endless abilities.

Our Giselle was a priceless gift from above,
A gentle, giving little girl overflowing with love.

© Jan Collins 5-26-10
Our sweet Giselle you will always be in our hearts,
Even though our hearts are breaking as we part.

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