Braden's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

December 20, 2011
Hi Jan,
Braden loves sleeping in the bed! I am gonna get him a thundershirt because he was screaming when I was upstairs changing the sheets-gave us all a heart attack! I guess since we all have been home it might help when he has to be left for a bit with mimmie so he doesn't freak when it happens.
He and Fenton are really having a blast and Keegan not so much-lol! Mimmie has no opinion as she is surrounded by a bunch of boys.
He watches tv. It was the weirdest thing to watch. None of mine ever watch tv even though my husband has it on all the time. Everyone loves him! He fit in immediately so it was good to have the littles to greet him rather than him coming into the house by himself.
Keep you posted!

December 22, 2011
Hi Jan,
I waited for 3 hours for pet stores in the area to open so I could buy a "thundershirt" for Braden. I put it on him just in case when we went to wash a comforter at a laundry mat since it couldn't fit in my front loader. He sat with the others and Luigi said he did not make a peep only Mimmie barked a few times.
I bought him a little cloth dog house and a bunch of toys and they went crazy! The 3 amigos played this morning also Braden and Mimmie slept in the giant dog pillow basket. I think he will be just fine because he has done really well as far as getting acquainted especially the part that involves "treats" when they go potty outside.
Braden likes the yard, I go and carry him down rather than outside of our property and he is never unattended! I wish we could have a dog door because the first night he was looking for it! For obvious reasons we can't being in the city but one day...
I am on top of Bradens ears and won't hesitate to contact you if I have a question but really the only problem is Fenton dragging him around by the ears to play. Today, Braden got the better of Fenton in a morning wrestling match at 7:15am. They love each other!
We are taking good care of your baby don't worry!

December 30, 2011
Hi Jan,
Vet got us in today and we actually were there for a long time (2hrs closing the place)discussing his history. I brought copies of the photos you sent, and all paperwork. She was even floored by it all! She never saw such an extreme case and was even shocked at all that work he had done.
We took some ear samples and really his ear had just traces of yeast and really the only issue is the right ear and we are gonna keep close watch on it. The vet did see the nodules in that ear I mentioned in my email and for now we are gonna treat it, got more meds today. We will watch it and consult an ear surgeon specialist if need be in the future. He is just so sweet, and I just want him to happy and healthy because he deserves it!
Vet LOVED his teeth! I told her about your diet he was on! Very impressed with his overall health outside of things beyond our control-his ears.
Thanks for getting back to me earlier, I know you have a lot going on so I appreciate it! He is doing exceptionally well! Little lovey baby, so good with his potty habits and all! I am starting my "surgery specialist kitty" now, just in case later he needs anything done on his ears!
Take care! I think this is the last I will have to bother you except for pics here and there!
All of us Falato's

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