Brandy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 1, 2015
Hello Jan,
We got home at 2:30. I put her on the grass and she kept lifting her feet up. I took her by the water where the grass is a little softer and she just stood there looking around with a look on her face as if to say, "where the heck am I?" I am sure the openness around her was overwhelming but within an hour I took her out again and she walked around a bit and peed twice! She slowly checked the house out very cautiously but kept an eye on me. Her second daddy came home and she took to him with no problem. She ate real well and wanted more. Later I gave her a small chicken strip (dehydrated) and she loved it. One cat was sleeping on a chair on our porch, Brandy went up and looked at her and off she went. The cat went back to sleep :-)She checked out her new bed but prefers to nap on my foot stool see photo. It is 6:35 and she is fast asleep. She will sleep tonight on her bed by my side of the bed. If she is anxious I will bring her next to me to cuddle.Thank you so much Jan we love her already.Cindy and I talked on the way home about all the little ones with missing eyes, etc. it is so hard to see, but you are all such dear, kind hearted people to do what you do. Even if some don't get adopted, they have a wonderful home with you.Here is our little girl sleeping. I will send more photos as she gets adjusted.

May 5, 2015
Hello Jan,
Well this little girl is doing wonderful! She is responding to her new name, she is going outside to go potty and we have left her alone for two hours yesterday and she was a good girl even peed on the puppy pad. She greats us at the door with wagging tail and lots of hugs! She sleeps at the foot of the bed close to daddy's feet and holds her water all night. Loves her chicken strips! She hasn't bothered the cats and they don't seem to be bothered by her being here. Everything is going amazingly well. We just love her and so do our friends and neighbors, everyone wants to hold her like we just brought home a new born baby :-). She has filled the void in our lives losing our sweet Molly last June, we can't thank you enough for approving our adoption, she will have a wonderful life I assure you. Here is a photo I took this morning of her playing with her "baby" she loves to chase for it and yes I took out the eyes!
Brandy and her new parents,

May 24, 2015
Hello Jan,
Here is another update:
She has been adjusting very well she knows this is now her home and greets us with happiness and hug's when we come home. When she hears a dog bark her ears lift and looks all over, I think she misses all her brother and sisters. She leaves the cats alone and this morning one is laying on the footstool next to where Brandy is laying on the couch in the patio. We all sit here every morning watching the sun come up and the animals get a nap after breakfast. Yesterday she went on her first pontoon ride. She did good but was overwhelmed by all the new sights and sounds. Can you imagine her seeing all this water, hearing the sound of the boat and hearing bogs bark off the shoreline? So much to take in but I know her now, she will want to go every time we go for a ride. She is doing well with potty training outside but she has a habit of in the morning I take her out right away to pee and she will, and then I make her breakfast, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, I come out and she pee's on the carpet about the size of a quarter. Every day. We can't figure this one out yet but it has only been 3 weeks. We had a nice visit with the vet this week. He gave her a little physical and she is doing fine. Her bum glands were full so he emptied them. He showed me how to brush her teeth and we got Heartguard and flea and tick stuff to put on her back, I forgot the name of it. So everything is going well. We love her to pieces and the neighbors are going bonkers over her, who wouldn't. Here are a few photos of her yesterday, hope you enjoy them and feel she is safe and sound for the rest of her life.

October 29, 2015
Hello Jan,
Brandy is doing so well! I was worried the first couple of months, she seemed lonely but now we both can tell she is settled in with her new parents and very happy here. She has a basket full of toys that she empties out when company comes to play with her. She loves everyone and EVERYONE loves her! It took quite awhile to get her house broken but she now knows what outside go potty means. But we can't figure out how to get her to tell us she has to go, if you have some suggestions that would be helpful. Also, do you know if she was ever in the snow? We love our little girl and rest assured she loves us. I'm attaching two photo's of her today in her new coat which she didn't mind wearing at all. You can see daddy loves his girl.

February 27, 2016
Hi Jan,
Brandy is doing wonderful! She pretty much asks to go outside to go potty all the time, she loves company and to go bye bye in the car! She has brought so much joy to our lives thank you for asking. I just took this photo for you... She loves to sit on daddy's lap. I know I am her meal ticket ha ha but she loves me just as much.
Bless you for giving these babies a new start.
Adele and Dave

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