Brotherly Love

Although our Mom was gentle and sweet,
My brother Morgan and I had needs she could not meet.

We were in desperate need of a loving home and had to go,
But alas, senior dogs are not on most people’s wish lists you know.

So the search began for a rescue you see,
And our new Mom and Dad opened their hearts to Morgan and me.

We were tired, frightened and had traveled so many miles,
What a relief when we were met at the door with hugs, kisses and smiles.

Our wonderful life began surrounded by new friends and family,
Kisses were plentiful, love enfolded us and we lived comfortably.

I have to say that I was never happier and am so glad,
That I was given two wonderful years of love that I wouldn’t have had,

Be brave Mom and Dad, wipe the tears from your eyes,
I am happy, pain free and was ready to say my goodbyes.

For my brother Morgan as the last time our noses touched,
Know that I will hold you close to my heart forever for I love you so much.

I will be waiting here at the Rainbow Bridge patiently for you Morgan man,
For I know one day we will be romping and playing side by side once again.

By Jan Collins© 8-14-07
What can we say our sweet Rafferty, but that we miss you so terribly. We feel so blessed to have met you along life’s highway. Thank you for filling our lives with pure joy.

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