Buffett's Forever Home Update

March 29, 2006
Hi Jan,
The kitchen is all done execpt for the counter tops , which are going to be installed on Friday. So it's a lot quieter in the house now. Buffett did end up having an intestinal infection. He's been on antibiotics almost a week, and is now back to his old self again, barking at his own reflection. He's not sleeping nearly as much as he was, and is with me, wherever I go. We have a finished basement where I do the wash and ironing, so I fixed Buffett a bed down there too, so he's more comfortable while he waits for me. Let's see...this little boy has 3 beds of his own, his own spot on the couch in the T.V. room, and his own spot on the bed. (Sometimes I have to ask him to move, so we can get in) He's not too spoiled, is he?
I think his eyes have gotten worse since I brought him to Jersey. Sometimes, I don't think he even knows me, until he smells me. He's such a delicate and gentle little boy. I love him dearly. Keep in touch and I hope you and your family have a happy Easter.
Amy & Buffett

February 1, 2006
Hi Jan, Happy Feb. 1st. boy, does the time fly..... Buffett continues to to well. I think he's all settled in now, and comfortable with the routine.
I've taken an early retirement from work. The only thing I'm going to miss is Kathy. She took me to dinner last night to "celebrate". It was good...but also very sad. Needless to say...Buffett is in his glory. We're like 2 peas in a pod. He even came with me to take my car for inspection. What a good boy!
I was at Walmart last night, and saw a lot of solid colored fleece, execpt black. If you let me know what other colors you could use, I'll get them for you. They had pink, purple, maroon, all different shades of blue, green, gray, red...just let me know. I't not a problem.
I've been keeping watch on the website, and saw you have some new faces. You are one busy lady! How is Judy? Please tell her I was asking for her. Keep in touch.
Amy & Buffett.

August 26, 2005
Hi Jan,
All is well in New Jersey. Buffett is doing just fine. I have no problem with him eating anymore, or taking his bedtime snacks. I think he's settling into his own routine. He's funny, and makes me laugh when I take him out for his last potty before bed. He'll be in the back yard, and hear a cricket or just another nighttime noise, get scared, and run back to the house as fast as his little legs can take him. And he still barks at his own reflection in the sliding glass doors. I'm working on some pictures for you. It's taking a little longer than I had hoped, but I'm trying to get a good assortment. Still, no accidents in the house. I'm really suprised about that. Hopefully, he's going to meet my grandson this weekend. I'm sure that won't be a problem. I had a Pampered Chef (kitchenware items) this past Saturday. I had 12 women at the house and Buffett didn't bark once. Not even when they came in. I don't need to tell you, that he was the "hit" of the party, and that they all loved him. He went from lap to lap, all night long. But I think he was glad to see the last one leave. He couldn't keep his little eyes open, and was sound asleep in less than 10 minutes. He's sleeping now, and I think I'm going to join him.
Good Night,

August 15, 2005
Hi Jan,
Thought you would like to know that Buffett's doing fine. He absolutely loves being outside. Walks around, sniffing the flowers and the grass. Today, he went up to the second level of our back yard, where my husbands garden is, and helped him pick the cucumbers and tomatoes. It was much cooler today, since the storm last night. The lightening and thunder were bad, but it didn't seem to bother Buffett. He still growls at his reflection in the glass door. I think he might still might miss the other pupsters when he's in the house, but not as much as before. He's very good about waiting for me to make supper and clean up before our "lov'in time". He lays in his bed in the kitchen, just watching, and as soon as I'm finished, and say o.k., he jumps out of his bed, scampers down the hallway to the T.V. room, waits for me to sit down, then I pick him up and put him on the couch, and he snuggles right up next to me, for his massage and a little evening snooze. What a ham. Still does that funny little dance when my husband and I are at the table. Jumps up & down on his back legs, and spins around. And only 3 times too. Is this behaviour new, or did he entertain you too? My youngest son, Bob (23 yrs.) has taken Buffett for a walk a few times. Just down the street and back. It takes them forever, because everybody loves Buffett and has to stop them so they can talk to him. My husband, told my son, Buffett's a good babe magnet. He is so sweet, we love him dearly. Keep in touch...
Amy & Buffett.

August 4, 2005
Hi Jan,
Just checking in to let you know things are going well. I think Buffett is getting used to the daily routine. He is such a good boy! Loves going outside. Doesn't matter to him if he's walking around the yard, sniffing the flowers or just lying on his mat on the deck. He seems to be enjoying himself. It's been so hot, I don't let him stay out for very long.
When I come in from being outside, and he's been inside, he gets so excited, he does this silly little dance. Spins himself around in a circle, stops, faces forward, and lets out one bark. He does that 2 or 3 times. He really makes us laugh. When my husband and I sit at the table for a cup of coffee and a little chat, Buffett will come over to the table, stand up on his hind legs and jump up and down. It's like he's saying, I'm here too, me too, me too.
He's really is such a ham. He's taking treats too. Won't eat anything hard for me, but loves his Pupperoni. He likes to have one just before we go to the T.V. room for the evening.
He's very good all day. He lays in his bed in the kitchen, waits and watches me make dinner and then clean up. He's so patient. Then, I make a snack for my husband, and Buffett gets his snack. After that, we all find our spot on the couch, and hang out and watch T.V. for the evening. After the news, it's one last trip outside to go potty, then he gets a ride up the stairs. I lay the little prince on our bed, he gets cozy, and is out for the night. He's had no accidents in the house either. With or without the belly band. Well, it's late now, so I'm going to close. Thanks for the news letter! Please keep in touch.
Amy & Buffett

July 25, 2005
Hi Jan,
It's kinda late, but I just wanted you to know that Buffett is doing just fine. I had him to my vet's this Sat. And he thought Buffett was the cutest. He did want to know though, why I can't seem to find a dog in N.J. He drained a little cyst on the top of his head, but otherwise he's fine. Buffett is now eating 2 meals a day for me, and has begun to eat some snacks too. He does very well with my husband , and likes his yard too. I think at first he kept looking for the other pupsters, but now seems to be quite contented by himself. Sunday morning, I had my coffee on the deck, and Buffett laid right at my feet, sunning himself on a lounge cushion. Then, to my suprise, jumped up into the chair next to me. So, we chatted for a bit. I didn't think he had it in him to jump. Spry little guy. I was lifting him up onto the couch too, until he jumped up on that. But, I'm more comfortable, with lifting him up. Hope all is well with you and yours. I 'll be sending you some pictures soon. Buffett's already asleep on the bed, and snoring too, I might add, but I know he would want me to say "hi" for him, and that he loves you and misses you. Keep in touch.

July 22, 2005
Hi Jan,
It's us. How are things in Michigan. I heard you're having severe weather. Hope you and the pupsters are o.k.
Mr. Buffett is doing fine. He eats his breakfast right down. Still keeping to the 6:00 am. feeding. I leave down a bowl for snacking during the day, which he dosn't touch and he's not to thrilled about eating dinner. I give him that about 5:00. Shouldn't he be eating twice a day? He dosn't seem to be much of a water drinker either. I leave a bowl out all the time. He does love to be outside though. My 23 yr. old son came over yesterday and took Buffett for a walk. Down the block, across the street and back home again. He loved it! Did he spend a lot of time outside when he was with you? He has no problems with walking on the grass and peeing on the flowers. Now I can call them organically grown. I was thinking about trying to find an old fire hydrant to put in the back yard ... just for fun. We finally heard his voice. It's cute, just like him. We think he barks when he wants to go outside. He also stands on his hind paws and jumps up and down, when he wants our attention. I have a feeling this boy is an actor. We have an appointment at my vets this Saturday morning, just for a well check up, and so he can meet Buffett. We had such a good time driving out there and meeting you and your sister. I have ordered belly bands for Buffett (although he hasn't wet his other one, yet) and one for Kathys dog.
Talk soon,
Fondly Amy

July 18, 2005
Hi Jan
Buffett want's to say "hi".
HI, JAN! My new Mom said I was a very good boy today. She took my shopping...to a real big store, where there was all this dog stuff. Cat stuff too, but I didn't want to go down those aisles. (you know how I feel about cats). We got a few things, but not too much. Mom said i'ts not cold enough outside yet for a new coat, but, we can go back later. Then, tonight, I ate all my supper, and did pee and potty outside. All she kept saying was "good boy Buffett", "good boy Buffett", and smothered me with kisses. Boy, is she a push over. I can do that all the time! And tonight, when mom went to take her shower, I didn't even follow her. I knew she'd be right back. I stayed on the bed, in my own little spot. And nobody bothered me. Tell the pupsters I miss them. (Yeah, right) The only time I growled today, was when I saw a little dog through the door, and standing on my deck. Boy, that made me mad. Then I felt a little stupid when mom told me it was my own reflection. I guess I'm going to have to chill a little. And, Jan ... thanks for letting me come here, I think I'm going to like it.
Love, Buffett

July 17, 2005
Hi Jan, it's me ... Buffett. The ride here to New Jersey was very long. I started to cry about a half hour into the trip, but the girl's (Amy & Kathy) talked to me and made me feel better right away. I didn't even get sick! I tried to be a very big boy. In the car, I curled up between the both of them on a very soft blanket. When Amy drove, Kathy gave me lovins, and when Kathy drove, Amy gave me lovins. That's a lot of lovins for such a little boy. I must be pretty special. We were going to go shopping today, but it rained all day, so my new mom said we'll go tomorrow. I can come too! It's a big pet store, and I'm allowed in. (How else can I pick out what I want?) I'm kinda tired now, so I'm going to curl up in my new bed with the folks. We'll talk soon. Love Buffett
Hi Jan, Buffett's first day was quiet. My husband was at his brother's house, so Buffett and I had the house all to ourselves most of the day. We sat around napping and watching T.V. He didn't eat anything, but did drink some water. I took him outside quiet a few times, but he only went potty once. I kept his belly band on all the time he was inside. He doesn't seem to mind it. Buffett and my husband hit it right off. In fact Buffett went over and curled up in the blanket my husband was curled up in, and they watched some T.V. together. But most of the time, he was with me. We're up stairs now, and he's curled up on the bed waiting for me to finish my e-mail, so we can go to sleep. I'll keep in touch.

July 16, 2005
Buffett left us today and his new Mom wrote a letter from her heart for Buffett with a beautiful card with dogs on the front holding suitcases - Buffett has been with us since August 6, 2003:
Dear Jan,
Today is a good day, and a bad day. A good day, because my new Mom has finally found me! A bad day because I'm leaving you. (I'm a little scared, but she looks like a nice lady.)
When I first got here I didn't plan on staying so long....but you made it so hard for me to leave. You took such good care of me...and you loved me way too much! I hope I wasn't too much trouble.
But I'm a big boy now and it's time for me to start a new adventure. (I think it's called retirement.) So tell the pupsters I said "good-bye" and that I'll miss them. But...always remember...I'll miss you most of all.

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