Butter's Forever Home Update

May 31, 2005
Hi Jan -
Just a note to tell you what a GREAT dog Butter is. We are so delighted to have him with us, and he seems really happy too.
The pups are becoming buddies. Biscuit is finally "speaking" to me again after ignoring me for several days. She seems to have accepted the fact that Butter is not leaving anytime soon and They have even started romping and playing together - sometimes for up to 30 minutes at a time! Hopefully this will aid Biscuit in loosing those few extra pounds she gained from being such a couch potato.
He came to work with me on Friday and was a perfect gentleman. Everyone here was so anxious to meet him after hearing me talk about him.
He had a good and busy weekend. He was introduced to the Vacuum cleaner on Saturday - that was pretty entertaining. It was a challenge to vacuum while he kept attacking the machine! I don't think he stopped moving all day on Sunday! We had lots of kids in and out of the house all 3 days and he stayed busy keeping them all rounded up. He likes to sleep with us, but Saturday night he slept with Hannah as she "camped" on the floor in the TV room. He and Biscuit kept me company as I worked in the yard on Sunday - When we were in the front yard he was very content to be on a tie-out with Biscuit nearby. That way they could both be with me, but not get into trouble.
We continue to work on his manners - he's doing very well on the leash - learning "heel" and "wait". And we're working on "stay". He's learned his new name pretty quickly, let me brush him a bit on Saturday, and all in all he is just great - a wonderful addition to the family.
I've attached a couple of pictures here for you...We don't usually "dress" our dogs, but the t-shirt was a christmas gift for Biscuit that didn't fit her. We like the picture tho because he is smiling and happy.
One thing we've noticed is that he gets VERY upset when he sees people getting into cars...when we've been on walks and see people getting into their cars he gets so upset - absolutely frantic! The only thing I can think is that he thinks he's going to be left alone. We're hoping he'll learn that not everyone getting in a car is abandoning him! He does like to ride in the car tho...head out the window - watching the world go by.
So - please pass the word that Butter is doing well in his new home (but I think he misses the action of all your pupsters - he's having to create his own action!)
Our best to everyone!
Wendy and family

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