Camey's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

July 2, 2016
Had a good night. Slept well. Joy is doing good with her. Not even a groan in passing. I think we are going to call her Camee. Not sure how we want to spell it yet or if that is what we will settle with. She is so funny. She waits for me at the outside door when I put her out. We had 2 sets of company last night and she was front and center. Joy always barks at the arrival then stops barking. When Joy barked Camee looked at me and said a very quiet woof. I will send a picture later.

July 3, 2016
She is so precious and changing more each day. Very verbal. Hasn't picked up one of the Nyla bones since the day she arrived and would carry one everywhere. She is trying to play with Joy. Doesn't play with me yet but she gives lots of kisses when I get on the floor with her. She even picked up a toy yesterday threw it in the air watched it fall then walked away. More company yesterday and she was right there to meet everyone. Thank you again. She sleeps well, gets up when we go pee then back to sleep. Last night when I got up she just raised her head then back to sleep. Between Terry and me she decided she wasn't getting up each time.

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