Carley's Forever Home Update

March 30, 2005
Hi Jan,
Sorry I haven't written you sooner. We have had a busy weekend. Carley is doing great. She did so well with all the company over the week end. Dave & I are amazed that she has adjusted & fit in so well with our family. She remains pretty true to her schedule. Carley loves being outside & is happy to investigate everything. I think she has found a bunny hutch ( or more ). She likes to dig! Carley went to the groomer today. I Had her clipped short ( not shaved ) -- her hair is shorter but still has alot of "style". Carley did very well at the groomers & seems to like her new do. On Sun. night, my daughter took a pix of Carley with her cell phone & E-Mailed it to you. Did you get it? Carley looks forward to her time with Dave & sits by the back door waiting for him-- he gets a heros welcome. He likes that. Carley loves playing with her toys & acts like a puppy when she is playing, she has alot of energy between naps. Carley is happy & content as we are too. I will keep in touch. -- Margie

March 23, 2005
Carley is doing GREAT!!!. It has amazed me how well adjusted she is after such a short time. The first night I put an old pillow w/ the coverlet you gave me on the chair in our bedroom. She sat there for a few minutes then got off the chair. So I put the pillow/coverlet on the floor a few feet from the bed, facing me. She settled right down & slept all night. She woke when Dave got up around 6:15am. How excited she was to see that we were still there in the morning!! Then right down stairs ( I had to carry her down ) & right outside to do her business. Then breakfast & meds. We played a little, but as I am not much of a morning person, I had to have my coffee & paper, then play. I went back upstairs to get dressed & encouraged her to join me, but that I wasn't going to carry her up. She did not have the courage to go up so she waited for me at the foot of the stairs. When I came down she was glad to see me. Carley follows me around the house & we stop the choirs every so often to tell each other how much we love one another. She is so well trained. She lets me know when she needs to go out, it is sometimes difficult to tell as she does not bark at me, so I end up letting her out when I sense she needs to. Carley loves being outside. Carley has met the dog next door, shotsy. Carley barks at her--no big deal as shotsy is deaf!. When Dave gets home, she enjoys going outside w/ him as well. Carley has met several of my friends as everyone is anxious to meet her. They are all impressed at what a sweetheart she is. Now to our stair training. Yesterday I broke down & bought some "real" doggy treats as the carrots were just not going to entice her to go up & down the stairs, Frankly, I would not go up & down myself for a carrot!. We only worked for about 15-20 minutes as is was late in the day. I went up later to take a shower & Dave could see that she wanted to be upstairs w/ me. He felt sorry for her & carried her up. Carley sat by the bathroom door until I got out. I went to go back downstairs & she followed me just fine!!.When we finally went to bed, she went up fine & back down this am. I believe she has mastered the stairs, but will not go up & down w/out me. We are having Easter dinner here w/ my family, there will be 10 of us--I'm sure Carley will do well w/ everyone. Carley will bark at new people coming thru the door, but I will tell her "no bark" & once she gives them the once over, she settles right down. Carley has already brought us much joy. All in all, life is good!!! I will keep you up dated, but please know we are all doing fine--say hey to the other pupsters. More later----Margie

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