Cassie's Forever Home Update

August 16, 2005
Hey Jan and Jen -
The babies are doing super!! Just this morning on their walk, I was thinking how pretty Cassie's tail is getting. Like a real Tzu! It is not quite as long and pretty as Dalton's (he is just the prettiest boy you ever saw!!), but its getting there. Though they are still not playing with each other yet, they do their parallel play and race to get to the toys when we announce "play time". They are so cute when we go out walking, waiting when the other one spends too much time sniffing. (Cassie always has to pee where Dalton does and does a partial leg lift, imitating him!)
Cassie loves to play with the small squeaky toys; is still a chow hound; but her most favorite time of day is when we say, "Let's go to bed". She is always the first on the bed and sleeps up close to us and usually touching Dalton. (We like the fact that she doesn't snore like Dalton.)
She is less shy with new people now, though not like "Mr. Friendly". She listens very well and minds beautifully. We are not sure how we got along without her. I'll try to get some current photos to send.
We all send our love -
Kay, Nick, Cassie and Dalton

May 2, 2005
Hi Jan,
I tried to reach Jennifer just last night to bring her up to date with our Cassie Princess.
She is just that - quite a princess!! Loves going in the car. We got them separate car seats and that just about fills the back of my car. We were letting her hair grow and it was getting quite long. She seemed to be getting hot so we decided to get a summer cut and she loves it. So frisky! Her tail is finally getting some length and she is looking like a real Shih Tzu.
She still has not learned how to play with Dalton. They play side by side - just not together. He tries to engage her but she puts him off. She wants to be right with him, though, and they sleep touching each other or cuddled up with one of us in bed at night.
When customers come in the store and start to pet Dalton, she looses her shyness and comes up to them so as not to be left out of that petting business. Quite the chow hound too. That girl can eat!! She eats her dinner quickly and waits to see if Dalton will leave his unattended.
Cassie loves her walks and all of the great smells that we have here in the mountains. There are many miles of hiking trails in our community.
She is most happy and outgoing when in her known environment - home, office, car, and the familiar parks and trails. New places and things throw her off and she looks to Dalton for guidance. When we have guests at home, she usually retreats to our bed - her comfort zone.
She LOVES her toys!!!! Especially the small, squeaky, stuffed toys. She carries them around with her from room to room.
She is finally comfortable with Nick and loves her Daddy, but her heart belongs to Mommy. Stays right by my side no matter where we are. (Well, she can be bought for treats.) Always comes when called.
She has come so far in these last 5 months, we can hardly believe it! We love her dearly!!!!
Kay, Nick, Dalton, & Cassie

December 7, 2004
Hi Jan,
Here are some photos of my little darlings. Hope that you enjoy.
Cassie is very happy with us and doing unbelievably well. She is so smart and is catching on very quickly to our routine. We had six people over for brunch on Sunday and she actually came out to see them and did not seem at all nervous around them. With new situations, she takes her cues from Dalton, who is very laid back and a great teacher. She is quite the little chow hound and does not want to miss out on any food. She is doing super on the leash and loves going on walks. Many customers have come in to the store just to see her and she seems to enjoy the fuss made over her. She and Dalton are still doing what I call their "parallel play" but insist on being near one another. Whenever one moves, the other follows. Cassis travels very well - usually sleeping, once she settles down in the car. We carry her bed in the car and to the store every day. Cassie is not wearing the prissy pants anymore (as of last night). She was dry every time we took them off of her and we feel that we can trust her now. She has brought so much love into our home and just fits right in. We will keep you up to date. Right now, its time to go home. :)

December 2004

December 2004

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