Chica's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

July 25, 2014
Hi Jan,
Chica is doing well in her new home!! We love her so much already. We picked up some new toys and goodies for her and she is already starting to give little kisses. Thanks for everything. We will send you updates on our little girl.
Thanks again for everything,

August 2, 2014
Chica is doing wonderfullly. She is a fast learner and is very cuddly . she is always on my lap, she is doing well learning the leash..we always have her on the leash when taken outside, she is still nervous and fast to take off, but she is getting so much better. I will have my daughter send some more pictures to you. Did Samona get a home yet? I hope she will soon.. thanks for checking up on my baby. I love her so much she is my cuddle buddy.

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