Coco's Forever Home Update

February 3, 2006
Just a reply to let you know that Coco is doing awesome. He doesn't seem to like his heartworm medicine , it makes him a little lethargic for a day but he bounces back. He has such fun in the snow. He follows Princess and bites her in the butt when she barks. Been checking up on the journals each month and letting him know about all the new pupsters and his old pals that have gone to new homes. He now has a new nickname, instead of Coco Puff we call him Coco Loco.

September 3, 2005
Hi Jan,
Hope these are ok for you . Sorry if we look wiped out but we had been gardening and mowing most of the day. Had hoped to have a packer shirt for Co Co but haven't been able to find one yet in the doggie store. Nor a cheese head and I don't think he would like that too much. HA This is Co Co with his sister and his cousin Rudy-Poo. Rudy Poo is our granddog and he was visiting that day. Co Co just had his teeth done at the vet and he had to have a filling and several upper teeth removed. He is free from heart worms and is having his thryroid rechecked in a couple of weeks because the vet is concerned his numbers are two high. He feels they could cause heart problems. Otherwise he is getting along very well. He gets his teeth brushed each day and has the rule of the beds. He still prefers the floor tho I think we humans disturb him to much. He gets several walks every day to keep him slim and trim. ha. He is outside most of the day with dad working on the honey-do list since he retired.
Still checking out the web site, you have some new cuties there don't you? Well I will send these along.
Take Care

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