Daisy's Forever Home Update

May 20, 2006
Hi Auntie Jan,
Just wanted to let you know that we have been very busy the lat few weeks. Mom has been working in the yard and doing some machine embroidery. Two weeks ago my human sisters and brother-in-law and their 2 boys came down for a visit. Mom took them to the beach.
I couldn't go because they do not allow pets. Why I'll never know. But I got to go to the Doggie Spa, and it was very nice. I had my own room with an outdoor run and I could go outside whenever I wanted. All the ladies there were very nice and took good care of me.
Next week we are driving up to Michigan to visit and help my one human sister move to her new condo.
I'll get to see my kitty-cousin. I always have a good time up there. Maybe some time we can come and vist you and all the pupsters. anyway, thats all for now.
Love and kisses,

April 13, 2006
Happy Easter to all at PekeATzu Rescue.
We are all ready here. Daisy got her Easter "do" last week and is looking forward to see what the Easter Bunny will bring her.
The weather has been very warm, but very dry. the tulips and dogwood trees are in bloom and the iris are getting ready to open.
What a happy little dog she is. She loves to be out in "her" yard and watch the world go by.
Hope you all have a very happy Easter, and give the pupsters a hug from Daisy and me.
Florence & Daisy

March 4, 2006
Hi, Antie Jan,
This is Daisy wriing to you.
Here it is already March.
Last week we had 3 days of 70 plus temps. I had so much fun out in the yard. Watching the dogs and their people out for strolls, and watching all the squirrels and birds in the trees.
Mom says that I am spoiled rotten, but how can that be?
I am a good girl and just wants pets and belly rubs whenever I can get them. Mom saya that I follow her around just like a puppy dog. Isn't that what I am supposed to do? She also says that I get too many treats. Now how could that be.
Mom got me a pet stroller so she can take me for longer walks. (I don't like to walk far.). She says that she needs her exercise. It seems like a pretty good plan.
Thats about all for now.
Love, Daisy

February 2, 2006
Hi, Jan
Hope your holidays were happy.
we were up in Michigan for Thanksgiving and also for Christmas. Daisy had a good time, and everybody loves her.
she wasn't too happy with her distant cousin, Vanna, the Great Pyrenesse, which belong to my granddaughter and her husband. She felt she had to protect me. Other than that we had a very good christmas and New Year. Hope all is going well with you and the pupsters. We really enjoy reading the Journal.
Keep up the good work.
Florence & Daisy

December 2005

November 7, 2005
Dear Jan
Just a note to keep you posted on the continuing saga of Daisy. This sweet little girl just keeps on getting sweeter every day. She went to the groomer last week and she looks like she lost a pound. (all hair). We will be going up to Michigan for Thanksgiving and Daisy will get to see her kitty cousin.
We had fun at Halloween - We both dressed up in costumes to greet the "trick or treaters" It was a lot of fun.
Hope you had a safe trip to Florida with all the babies.
Florence & Daisy

October 2005

October 7, 2005
Hi, Jan
Just a note to let you know that all is well here in North Carolina.
It has finally cooled down into the 70's, and we have received some much needed rain, from tropical storm Tammy.
Daisy does not mind going out in the rain and she gets her walks rain or shine. It will be time soon to take Daisy again to the groomer. When the fur falls over her eyes and I cannot see her big brown eyes, I know that it is time. She is very good at the groomer and all the ladies love her. hope all is going well with you and the pupsters.
Daisy & Florence

September 10, 2005
Well, another month has passed, and it has finally cooled off. We were up in Michigan the 3rd week of August for visiting and also to attend the Annual Classic Car Dream Cruise with my 2 nephews, on August 20. It was a little disappointing since there were showers off and on that day.
Daisy loves to travel and enjoys being at my daughters house and visiting with her "kitty cousin".
I keep saying that she is such a sweet loving little dog and has become my shadow. She loves to go out on my daughter and son-in-laws pontoon boat.She just looks around and watches everything.
We will be staying home now, until Thanksgiving when we will make another trip up north. Hope all is going well with you. I see that you have some new additions on your website. I wish I could adopt them all!
Thats all for now. Daisy send lots of kisses.
Florence & Daisy

May 2005

May 2005

May 2, 2005
Hi, Jan
Here are a couple pictures that my neighbor took of Daisy today. This is in our back yard. Daisy is doing just fine. She has quite a bark - at people, other dogs.
Tomorrow she goes to the groomer again, and we will be driving up to Michigan on Wed.
We have two college graduations, and a baby shower for my coming great-grandson. It will be an exciting two weeks.
Now that the weather is nice, Daisy likes to spend time out in the yard, just looking around and watching the birds and squirrels.
Enjoy the pix.
Florence & Daisy

March 4, 2005
Hi Aunt Jan!
Can you believe that it has been 3 months since I went to my "forever home"? This is really a great place to be. Mom says that I am getting kissier every day. I love to give her kisses.
Today I had a bath, and Mom dried me with the hair dryer. That warm air really feels good after a bath.
We will be having company for Easter. My human sister Chris and her husband Dennis will be coming down from Michigan. I will be going to the groomer before Easter so that I will be beautiful when the Easter Bunny comes. Mom says my fur really grows fast. Well, I guess thats all for now.
Love Daisy (& Florence}

January 27, 2005
Hi, Aunt Jan ( can I call you that now that I have a new mom?)
Just think, it has almost been 2 months since I got my new mom. I went to the groomer 2 weeks ago, and I was a very good girl. The groomer ladies are very nice and they love all the pups that come in. Mom said I looked very beautiful when she picked me up.
I'm getting used to my new home, and mom lets me sit with her and sleep with her in bed. I have fun running around the back yard, and running along the fence with the dogs next door and barking with them.
I'm feeling more secure every day. but I do not like to be left alone when mom goes shopping. Sometimes I get into mischief, like getting into the trash under the kitchen sink. I have learned to open up the cupboard door. But now mom has learned to take the trash out to the garage before she leaves. But most of the time I am very good.
Are you getting a lot of snow? It has been cold for a few days, but no snow. Mom puts a sweater on me when we go for walks, but I do not like to walk very far. Mom says she is not getting her exercise.
Today we went in the car to get my license from the animal control place. There were lots of dogs in cages barking. I guess that they do not have homes. I felt sorry for them. Anyway, I guess thats all for now. I miss you all but I love my new home and my new mom. Love, Daisy

December 2004

January 6, 2005
Dear Jan,
I hope that your New Year is going well.
Daisy and I are doing just fine. She is settling in so very well and we have our routine pretty much in order. I am so blessed to have found such a loving baby. Daisy is so affectionate. She loves to have her belly and chest rubbed and if I stop, she paws my hand with her paw to keep it up. She is still very shy with strangers, and can bark up a storm if a stranger comes near or walks by the house.
The weather here has been unseasonably warm, and I am afraid that we will pay for it down the road. I guess that you have had a lot of snow and cold weather. I don't miss it a bit.
So long for now.
Florence and Daisy

December 24, 2004
Hi, Jan,
Here we are all ready for Christmas - well, almost. Daisy & I went to Petsmart today to pick up a few last minute items. I tried not to let her get everything in sight! But we did get a couple of things. Daisy is settling in very well. She love to run the length of the fence with the dogs next door, and do a lot of barking. I wish I knew what they were saying. Anyway, everything is working out well. Have a very Merry Christmas, and give all the pupster a hug and pet for Daisy and me.
Florence & Daisy

December 14, 2004
Hi, Jan,
Yes, Daisy has stolen my heart. She is so lovable!
I have learned something, though. She does not like to be left alone. When I went to church on Sunday, my neighbor told me later that she could hear her barking. Daisy also has fun with the 4 dogs next door. They run along the fence and bark at each other. I think Daisy misses the other dogs. We are doing very well, and she is a "keeper".

December 13, 2004
HI, Jan,
Daisy is settling in very well. She is making herself at home. Loves to lie on the sofa, and run around the backyard and bark at the dogs next door. She also loves to ride in the car.
Florence & Daisy

December 7, 2004
Hi, Jan,
We had an uneventful trip home yesterday. Daisy curled up and slept on the front seat. We stopped several times to stretch our legs and make a potty stop and get gas. She is such an angel. We went to the Vet this morning, and they checked her over and gave her the needed shots. She was very good.
I know you said to send you the bill for the shots, but I will take care of it. You have your plate full with the other babies.
Daisy loves her new backyard and runs around checking everything out. We will be making a trip to Petsmart shortly to pick out some new toys, and new food dishes and food. I'm dropping some film off to be developed and will sent some pictures shortly. Talk to you soon.
Florence & Daisy

December 2004

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