Daphne's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

December 25, 2015
Hi Jan!
We had a wonderful first night with Daphne! She tried out all of our laps and loves them all. We adore her and all of her kisses! Merry Christmas to you and your family and every single one of those cutie pupsters. I hope they all find forever homes!
Take care,

January 5, 2016
Hi Jan!
I just thought I'd pass along a few more pictures of Daphne. By the looks of these, it appears the only thing she does is sleep! haha I just haven't been able to get a good picture of her when she isn't sitting/laying still because she's so quick my picture ends up being a little brown blur! She is so darn funny. She hops and twirls so fast, and she looks SOOO cute in her little pink winter coat. I will try to send more as I get them. All of our friends and family have fallen in love with her pretty quick. She has met new doggy friends, big and small, and even a couple outdoor cats! She gets along with everyone, such a good girl!!
You can search for the dog park's Facebook page by: Tails n' Trails Dog Park..........you'll see our brown circle logo with a playful puppy in the middle, and the cover photo is a group of us with our parade banner. We have lots of pictures posted for you to see. We can't wait to take Daphne there for the first time. Winston and Roscoe love it!
I liked your Peke A Tzu Rescue page and I'll have to share a picture or two of Daphne there too.
Take care!

March 5, 2016
Hi Jan!
I hope you and your family are all doing well, surviving winter, and finding lots of forever homes for those fur babies! Daphne is my sweet sweet cuddly girl and we just can't get enough of her love and funny little antics. Her twirls and hops make us giggle. She loves the snow and sometimes she looks like she has a milk mustache after nosing around it. Right now she is curled up on my lap in the chair (her favorite spot and mine). We just love love love her. Oh and I am sorry, I haven't checked this email in a few weeks. I knew I was going to get Beau's soccer schedule soon so I logged in to check for it and found both of your emails. What a pleasant surprise! I am going to forward you a couple pictures. I like keeping in contact with you. I have been in contact with Roscoe's rescuer as well as Winston's even after all these years. She still likes getting pictures of him. It's so sweet.
Take care and keep your fingers crossed that spring will be here for good very soon!

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