Darcy's Forever Home Update

January 22, 2006
Hi Jan,
Woke up to about 8" of snow this morning, had a first with Darcy. My little snow dog didn't like the deep snow.(usually you can't get her to go in.) Sam plowed a path back to the woodstove but as you can see he wasn't sure about getting back. Darcy loves her coat and boots. Although Sometimes it causes her to want to stay out longer than either one of us do. Last weekend Maggie was over while her family was gone and a first happened! She never has allowed any other dog to share her space on that couch. Darcy also just recently started to go to bed on her own if were up later than she likes. I'm really pleased that she has finally got so comfortable here.

October 3, 2005
HI Again,
Thought i'd let you know what shes been up to this time. Every night we take Darcy out to feed the pond fish after dinner and the news. Saturday night we were out and I was getting the fish food out and Darcy was being her usual curious self with her nose in the water, the two koi I have in the larger pond are pretty friendly where you can touch them. All of a sudden this 12 inch fish is flopping around on the cement. She just caught it and flipped it out. I picked it up and hoped it would live. The funny part is that it must have tasted bad because she was wipeing her mouth on the ground I thought she was going to rub her face off. The fish lived and when we go to feed them now she just lays next to the pond and watches them. Fish aren't very smart because they still will let you touch them even with seeing Darcy there. Pond picture and thought Bruce would like to see Mikes favorite old car.

September 24, 2005
It's been 3 weeks since we got Darcy . She is the best little dog , It turns out she is very smart and well mannered. I have been worried a little about if she got loose or accidently ran out the door, but when we leave alls we have to do is to tell her to stay and she lays down about 3' from the door. The other day my grandaughter was leaving and Darcy likes her so much she just followed her out the door. I said her name and she came right back in. When you get her leash she jumps up on the front porch chair and when its hooked makes a beeline for the front door. Sam and Darcy have gotten to be good buddies and think he likes the company. Shes only had one accident in the house and that was my fault the first day she was here when we got home I should have taken her for a walk right away. She loves going for car rides. We are in a car club and every Tuesday in the summer we meet at A&W for a rootbeer or dinner. She gets to go this Tuesday if weather permits. We have a 73 VW Beetle & a 1941 chevy sedan. She likes the Chevy the best the backseat is huge.
Well I will keep you posted on her progress. Your doing a wonderful thing saving all these little ones.

September 10, 2005
Hi Jan,
As usual Darcy won't hold still to show off her new haircut and girly collar. I try to get some good pictures but she won't cooperate. Her new pal Maggie Has to follow Darcy every where she goes and when we are out on the leash Darcy has to follow Maggie where ever she goes. Sam is usually in the rear, little older and a little slower. Things are going well she seems very happy and so are we. Maggie does live next door with my son and is family, but ever since Darcy arrived she has just been fastenated with her, and has been over more than normal. More news later!!

September 3, 2005
Hi Jan,
Thought i'd send a couple of pictures. Had a chance to take a couple of Sam and Darcy. She won't hold still long enough to get any good ones. She goes to the beauty shop Wednesday and the following week to the vet. I want to get the rest of her heartworm pills and get her file started at our vet. We just love her and shes moved right in. You probably won't get any emails from me until wed. or thur. this coming week, i'll try to get some more pictures and the latest info.

September 1, 2005
Darcy had a very good night last night. She slept by me on the loveseat in the living room until we went to bed. I put her in her little dog bed, she looked around for a minute and made a bee line to the other side of the bed and jumped right up on Mike and danced around on him for a minute. He couldn't stop laughing. She slept between us till about 1am, I think she heard the guniea pig making noise in the laundry room. I let her be for a little bit then carried her back to the bedroom and put her in her bed. The next thing I knew it was 7am she was still sawing logs till she heard me. So we start our first whole day with our wonderful little pup. Till the next update.

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