Duffy's Forever Home Update

January 2, 2005
Enjoyed your Newsletter and the "officers" are darling in their hats. We took pictures of Duffy at Christmas time but I dan't put them on my 'setup' as I don't have a computer. My e.mail is done by my TV. So I'm sending you a picture of Duffy and Bill which I think is so cute. Hope it works for you. We love him so much and he makes Bill very happy. Have a great 2005.

November 21, 2004
We really enjoyed your newsy news. The pictures are darling and it sounds as if you all have been very busy. We have been also and that's why you received no news from "Duffy" recently. My shoulder surgery was a great success and it's wonderful to be rid of the continual pain in my shoulder. Duffy is still bringing much joy to us. He loves to follow Bill about the yard as he cuts the grass and this fall, picked up the leaves. When Bill goes across the street to empty the leaves, Duffy stays right in our yard and never takes his eyes off his "master". He also loves to race about the yard with Bill "behind" him. We have been having a bit of a problem with him not taking advantage of "his tree" in the yard but he is 10 yrs. old and sometimes when we humans get to our "70's" we can't quite get to that special room soon enough. When he gets scolded for this mishap, he is so hurt and goes to his pillow in the closet. I have told Bill that I'm sure he understands English. He has bro't so much joy to us and we "LOVE HIM TO PIECES".
Bill, Grace
and Duffy

June 6, 2004
Sorry we've been lax in this. Bill and I have both been flooded with appointments with Dr's. We've been working in the yard and Duffy loves to follow Bill as he cuts the grass. We have a lot of squirrils and just lately Duffy finds great fun in chasing them. He's a very good boy and seems very happy. We have noticed he is very afraid of storms. He'll often go into Bill's closet and lay on a pillow in there or snuggle with one of us. At night if it begins to storm, he'll whine by Bill in bed until Bill allows him to jump up in bed and he snuggles real close to Bill. We sure do enjoy and love him. He has helped Bill tremendously.

April 9, 2004
Duffy is doing very well. Bill now has him trained to stand on his hind legs just before Bill puts his bowl down with food. He does quit a little jig before he eats. We just had him groomed again Thursday and he does look real handsome. We sure love him. I've been sleeping in the spare bedroom because of the pain in my shoulder and arm and, yep, Duffy has taken over my spot in the bed. He still loves his little bed tho'.

March 13, 2004
Duffy is doing fine and so is Bill. He sure loves his little 'shadow'.Duffy is doing much better is giving us signs when he has to go outside.Perhaps I should add - we're catching on to "his language". He loves the outdoors. Some nights Bills back bothers him and he'll get up and sit in his chair in the living rm and Duffy follows him and they finish the night cuddling in the afghan. Duffy didn't follow Bill last night so after a short while, here came Bill, picked up Duffy in his arms and off they went to LR and off to la-la land. I observed all this quietly and had to chuckle after they left our bedroom. You bet, we're getting along just great.

February 17, 2004
You can't pry the two apart and I'll never try. Bill is so very happy. Bill has shoveled a path in the back and since the weather is somewhat better, he and Duffy take their little stroll about 3 times a day and Duffy does his thing. I told Bill I was quite sure that once he could go outside , that would solve the problem. He's a very good boy, Both of them are. We are pleased with our Duffy.

February 3, 2004
I just got your monthly report and thank you. We're getting along just great with Duffy. It has been the best therapy we could have gotten for Bill. It is so cute so see him wait on the landing whenever Bill goes outside. After awhile, Duffy will start to softly howl until he sees Bill. He used to pace about the table when we ate but he lays down and waits 'patiently' until we get finished eating. He is much better at eating his food now. The only treats he got was some 'multi colored people' cookies (or something like that) and he got one only when he went in his box in the garage or did something we asked him to. In the PM he goes thru a time when he wants to play and run and he and Bill have a great time "racing" thru the house. Lawdy..Lawdy. What a sight. Bill talks to him like 'father - son'. We will send a picture as soon as we get one developed of us 3.

January 29, 2004
Duffy is doing fine. Still sleeping all night. Every so often, he'll take off running and he seems to like to make Bill laugh. All of a sudden, he's decided he doesn't like his Iam's dog food. I just bo't a med. size bag so I informed him that was it. He thinks he has to eat when/what we eat and me being an old meany said, Sorry but that's how it is. We have a ways to go on the 'potty" training but we see improvements. When he can't find Bill, he sits on the landing going to the garage and howls very softly. This tickles Bill (& me). I have seen a big change in Bill just since we've had Duffy. Still waiting for the right picture to send.

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