Duncan & Rafa's Forever Home Update

Duncan & Rafa's
Forever Home

October 27, 2016
Hi Jan,
Hi Aunties Jan & Judy,
Rafa really missed you guys, cried on way home.
We are really adjusting well. Will take awhile for everything but we run around, follow new brothers around and beg for treats/food. Slept really well. Daddy's ear tastes really good so woke him up at 3:30. Everyone went potty and then we all went back to bed. Breakfast was 7:30 (8:30 for you) - we were all really tired. Like our new food - ate it as snack on the way.
Duncan here - Mom says besides having part of Merlin's soul, I also have part of MacAlister's. I am a toy thief/hoarder. Like the new ones but love the old 'crinkle' one. Lots of nice beds here but was sooooooo excited about the big bed we all use at night. Snuggled right in to Daddy & Mom (& let Rafa there, too). Stinky & Tobie like Daddy & Mom's legs, so we were all happy! Don't think the parents could move, but we didn't care. They have hard chewy bones here I love!
Rafa here - Stinky is being a little shy with us but he's my favorite. I love to follow him around. Mom says we look exactly alike - like Daddy & son trotting down the path. He went too far out for me yet, though. Mom want to get a pic, but we move too fast and won't let her.....
Hugs & schlups & love from Rafa & Duncan

October 28, 2016
Hi Jan,
The difference in our babies from this morning to this evening is amazing. They are calm - want to know where I am constantly (Daddy had to go to work to pay for 'kibble'). Rafa bats me with a paw when he wants up. They have found water, toy box, bone bowl, everything with ease. Duncan has basically taken over! LOL. He is on and off the couch with ease. Rafa gets down with ease. Stinky lets them crawl all over him. Tobie is still in his perch, nose out of joint, praying they leave. He'll come around and get protective of them. They are getting used to the yard and becoming more brave. When I leave the area to do laundry, there is a line-up at the gate and whining starts within 10 min. We'll start learning stairs in a couple of weeks. Duncan may never be able to climb, but it doesn't really matter. Thanks again for everything.
Hugs to all,

October 29, 2016
Hi Guys!
Well, we've settled in are in control here! Don't tell anyone but think the coup is complete. Sending a pic of the row of beds besides the 6 others in the living area - we don't use them. LOL. We use the couch!! Humans are so silly. Sending 2 pics of our big pekey bro Stinky by Rafa. Neither of us wanted to sit still but you can see how alike we are.
We can jump up and down on the couch by ourselves, found the pantry w a garbage can (!), love to run outside (but still do our business on the patio - what else would they use it for?!?!), got humans to give us tummy rubs on command, follow them around everywhere and cry when left on the wrong side of a gate. When Stinky comes up to sit w us we feel better, but it's not the same. Daddy thought he had the gates puppy proof but Rafa found a way around one. Daddy fixed it, but Rafa keeps trying to get back through.
There are tons of toys, bones and things to chew. We found a new game - go around behind Mom when she's picking them up and take them right back out of the baskets. Our favorite trick is to keep all the bones out of the bone bowl. We like it clean from anything.
Well, that's all for now. Daddy's on the road (whatever that is) tonight so we get Mom to ourselves. We promised we'd let her have a little bit of her pillow. We'll let you know later how it went.
Hugs and schlups to all,
Duncan & Rafa
PS They keep saying we're so cute, good and great kissers. Think those are good things so we'll let them think it!

October 30, 2016
Getting lots done in the main area of the house and everything else is done quickly. Rafa & Duncan cry when I leave them and the 3 faces of Stinky, Rafa & Duncan look really pathetic lined up at the gate. Our washer and dryer are upstairs - love it, but can't schlepp everyone up every time. David (son) tried to teach Rafa stairs yesterday. If it weren't so sad it would be funny - Rafa was totally frozen with front paws on 1 step and back paws on step below. Told David we'd work on stairs later and not sure we will even try with Duncan. The boys are totally at ease now - peeing everywhere inside. Too much to look at, smell, taste and chase when outside. It will come. In the meantime, we have belly bands, paper towels and spray bottle with water/vinegar. Daddy was a huge hit when he came home from being gone overnight last night. Boys do great at night!! Are dry and sleep at least 8 hrs. Couldn't ask for more. Did I tell you how much we love them and how awesome they are?
Thanks again for them and what you do.
Love to all,

November 3, 2016
Hi Jan,
Been eventful here. Made it through our first thunderstorm - Rafa & Duncan were calm, Tobie freaks and Stinky shakes when Tobie freaks. Thundershirts and rescue remedy helped a little. Duncan, channeling Merlin, found the outside bird food. Daddy fenced the area in again. I think thistle seed is Duncan's fav. Rafa found a dead bird and got it in and on couch before I could catch him, little rascal. At least he didn't try to eat it - but was proud. ;-P. Duncan LOVES to poop on the bed at night. Working on it but starting to think he holds it..... Of course, if it's full of bird food, he can eat it while we're asleep! He loves to do it at Daddy's feet. LOL. They've adjusted extremely well with everything else that we just deal with the potty issues. Know they will straighten out in time. NO problems w food - the transition was made w ease. In fact, they act like we don't give them enough food. Apples, carrots, etc help their starvation.....
Love to all,

November 5, 2016
Hi Jan
I was making bed and heard 2 dogs running up stairs (Daddy was in control downstairs - LOL). In runs Stinky & Duncan. Interesting, Duncan's never done stairs. Daddy runs in behind them, out of breath, clutching Rafa. Well, Rafa pulled open gate that Daddy didn't tighten the latch on and Stinky took off and taught Duncan how to do stairs. Hum, and we thought Rafa would be the meek one...... Now, we just have to teach him stairs.... Duncan also jumped from the bed to the bench at the foot last night. He wanted to see what Tobie & Stinky had been doing and explore the bedroom floor. Found a few leaves, of course. I saw a leaf on the floor by the back door, put my mug down to pick up leaf, bent down and Duncan was eating it. He wasn't anywhere around when I 1st saw leaf. Well, need to go see what they've figured out now. Had forgotten how much energy they have..... Love to all,
Exhausted Jane

November 6, 2016
We miss you guys. However, we LOVE it here - there is so much new to explore and get into. Mom's exhausted and doing laundry, so we're telling you what's going on. Our new bro Stinky understands our love of poo, so he showed us where he hides his fresh stuff and lets us eat it!!! He's not into that anymore. Tobie just looks at all of us, like, really! This yard has at least 20 trees (or so Daddy says when grumbling about leaves) and lots of flowering bushes. Some of the trees are oaks which have ACORNS!! Wow! Mom loves these trees, Daddy just grumbles louder. Lots of animals like bunnies, mice, possums, birds, etc come through our yard (they won't let us go where possums go sometimes in middle of night - drat)so there are tons of new odors. Their bushes have tons of flower buds that never opened this year - so they fall!! There is so much new to sniff, eat (or try to ), play with and explore. Rafa's new favs are the acorns and flower buds. Duncan LOVES bird food, esp the thistle seed. Rafa tried to call him a bird-brain for liking bird food, but Mom put a stop to that. Daddy, Mom & Unkie David have something they call allergies. They've been using lots of another new thing - KLEENEX!! Wow. Rafa talked Duncan (since he's taller) into jumping on the side of the garbage cans and pulling them over. Then we, well - especially Rafa, eat the kleenex - or try to. Drat again. Our only real chance is if Mommy is upstairs with laundry and forgot to put a can on a chair. Tee-Hee. Speaking of laundry - Mom's growling about it again. She's doing 3 bedding loads again today!! She was muttering something about Daddy being male, he should know where the important part of the belly band should go. We think he just doesn't like to put them on us. Think there'll be more talking between them when Daddy comes home. Mom said something about how hard he's working with traveling to buy us kibble so he may have a pass for now but then Mom said wash machine was starting to grumble too. We just love them all. The neighbor has moles - we're hoping one comes here. Think it would smell great!! That's just between us - ok? Daddy was saying mole better not come here....Need to go. We need a little nap - too much going on.
Much love,
Rafa & Duncan

November 19, 2016
Duncan LOVES to go on the 'fuzzy' beds and rugs. The comforter I had on the bed (my favorite...) felt almost like a velvet. So, pee pads are on the soft, fuzzy things - no accidents the last 2 days. (Crossed fingers) I changed comforters - no night accidents in 4 days. He's learning and trusting 'outside' and the yard so is much more comfortable. We are using a smaller area in back to help him not feel overwhelmed. He is also 'pooping' earlier in the evening. (Before would hold it til bedtime, knowing the soft comforter was there waiting......). We knew it would come. Being 14 months, it was probably a bigger stress for him than Rafa. Plus, we love belly bands......... Rafa has totally taken over - we could see it coming. LOL Both babies love Stinky but Rafa has totally latched on to him. Stinky is the sweetest, most loving, laid back pekey boy. He lets them crawl over him, take over his bed, take his favorite chewy stick out of his mouth, etc. Last evening, they just went up and laid on him. Rafa, and now Duncan, see Stinky go to the door and they trot right up behind him - YEAH! Tobie is slowly coming around. He is the true drama queen but we love him so!
Hugs & love,

December 23, 2016
Merry Christmas,
Rafa is doing stairs!! We coaxed him up - now doing like a pro. Even jumped up on bench and up on bed by himself. Today, he went blitzing down all by himself with coaxing. Duncan tears up them but down is really hard for him. We pick him up and don't let him try anymore. Now, if Rafa would come when called and Duncan would do his business when outside instead of playing and then going when he comes in......Tobie coming around (just don't come near Daddy's pillow when I'm letting him share it). Stinky acting like a puppy again.Hugs and lots of Christmas goodies for all. (Dogs stocking hung by fireplace and lots of chewy things for the humans to trip &/or break a foot on ready to go in.)
Jeff, Jane & the Hooligans

January 10, 2017
Hi Jan, Been busy here. Boys are great. Was hectic over Christmas - 3 grandbabies (5 yr old, 3 yr old and 11 month old) and all the assorted parents! Grandbabies all loved new puppies. 3 and 5 yr olds were fascinated by Duncan and 3-legs. We just told them it was an accident when he was a baby. Duncan absolutely adored all the grandbabies. Would have sat with and slept with them constantly. Rafa wasn't sure at first but then decided he wanted to play and loved their toys. Of course, Rafa always likes toys being played with by someone else.......... Our vet says everyone else really missed out by passing on Duncan - such a sweetie. (We're just glad they did.) Rain here next 3 days. Duncan & Rafa are typical Tzus - ooooooh, it's raining - I can't go out....... Hope Laurel is doing well with Judy now that Rafa and Duncan are gone. Think about her often. Loving our PekeATzu calendar - thanks.

August 10, 2018
Hi Auntie Jan,
Other people are laughing at Daddy's outfit. I don't care. I'm his biggest cheerleader! There's always lots of work to do here - too much for us poor little furbabies sometimes! We need help! Our parents don't know how to dress, clean themselves off, keep their clothes clean. We have to drag all the interesting stuff to see inside, they won't always come outside to see it. I have to hide behind the tall plants and flowers to sneak poo. We have to be on constant alert for when they sit down or try Daddy tries to sneak a small snooze. When we sleep on top of them, they sometimes roll us off and we have to climb back on. They actually put our toys back in the toy baskets and bone bowls so we have to drag them all back out! Mom even cleans out all my toys from under the couch!! Plus, someone always has to be Daddy's fashion cheerleader. It's a big job for one tiny Tzu. I just wanted you to know we really have to earn our kibble around here! Plus, we each only get PART of an egg every other day!! (Stinky needs some for something to do with blood work. Yuck! It's only fair that he shares!) We love it here but sure have to work hard. Thought you should know.
Hugs, Rafa

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