Family Ties

We enter this world so happy and carefree,
Our Mom holds us close as we sit upon her knee.

We go through the puppy stage in leaps and bounds,
Mom enjoys us so much she is always giggling out loud.

We are loved beyond measure my brother and me,
There is Mom, Shawnee and myself which makes three.

As days and years passed and we grow old together,
Mom begins to slow down and tells us don't worry I will get better.

Unexpectedly our world is turned upside down,
Suddenly we are all alone for Mom is now gone.

Mom had assured us that we would be taken care of if she had to part,
She said her family would welcome us with open hearts.

It became apparent to us that this was not true,
No one in the family had time for us two.

Saddened by our loss and feeling so afraid and alone,
The rescue angels arrived and welcomed us both into their home.

Once again we were pampered, cuddled and loved,
And we knew Mom was looking down with a smile from above.

This is a plea to all of those who love their pets dearly,
Please make loving arrangements should you have to leave us early.

It was so difficult leaving you my sweet Shawnee boy,
But when we meet once again we both will be filled with joy.

By Jan Collins © 2-11-06
Dedicated to the Kerrie's and Shawnee's of the world who grieve so for their loved ones and have nothing familiar left. Know that we will always be here for you. Have no fear sweet Kerrie, we will take good care of your Shawnee until he is romping and playing with you once again.

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