Forgive Those That Do Not Understand

People toss us aside and drop us off at places that are not very nice,
They turn their backs on us and don't even think about it twice.

We have been put in an environment that we know nothing about,
Animals crying, and cringing and people that shout.

We are so afraid and alone, but try to do our best,
And then we are expected to pass a temperance test.

We are frightened, have no idea why we ended up here,
Hands reaching for us, people probing us and we bite out of fear.

Then we are put in a room waiting for our lives to end,
For now we are considered vicious, and not given a chance to emotionally mend.

Wait, we hear kind voices, they have to know that something is amiss,
Please, please whoever you are understand that we are not normally like this.

We are gathered into soft arms and we feel our Rescue Angel's tears as they fall,
Don't worry they say for you are now safe from it all.

By Jan Collins © 8-11-05
In memory of the Gatsby's of the world that have so much love to give, but are discarded and not given the chance to let us know how very loving they truly are.

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