Free At Last

I lived in a puppy mill for eight and one half years of my life,
You have no idea what it is like to live under so much strife.

I was not a loving companion; I was just considered a thing,
These people didn't care about me only how much money my puppies would bring.

I kept hoping that what was happening would cease,
And day after day looking out of those bars I prayed for release.

Then there came a day that the miller decided I was past my prime,
So he offered me up to the highest bidder for only a dime.
The miller thought what a bargain he had made,
But my rescue angel said it was she that had received a gift that was more precious than jade.

It was so nice to have loving arms surround me and humans that cared,
God really does listen and answer your prayers.

In the puppy mill I was known by a number that hung on a chain around my neck,
Now I have my own name and for the first time in my life I am able to feel the sun as I lay upon the deck.

I knew I was sick, I so wanted to get better and that was my goal,
But the abuse that the miller had put me through had taken its' toll.

For twelve days I tried hard and struggled to improve,
For I so much wanted to be able to stay here being loved and not have to move.
On the twelfth day I was in too much pain and just knew I could not last,
But those twelve days of human touch and warmth well made up for my past.
I want to thank my rescue angels for the love that they gave me and caring so much,
I just wish I could have been here a bit longer to feel their loving touch.

© Jan Collins 4-5-04
In memory of all of the Scampi's that never feel a loving touch, the grass under their feet, the warmth of the sun on their face or a soft breeze touching them.

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