Freed From Pain Forever

My life had not been very pleasant where I was living,
Making puppies was my life and I was so tired of giving.

After many years my owner finally was ready to say goodbye,
I was headed for a shelter where I just knew I would die.

A wonderful lady saved me from this horror, thank you Lord,
And I was welcomed into rescue and snuggled and adored.

You see I had been struggling with all of the pain I was feeling inside,
This was verified by my Doctor as he pulled Mom aside.

Mom turned to me with tears flowing from her eyes, gathered me up and said “I love you so very much.”
I said “Please help me leave this world of pain knowing I was loved and with a gentle touch.”

I watched this kind loving face above me as my pain gradually went away,
Thank you Mom for letting me know I was worthy of love in my final days.

By Jan Collins © 3-3-05
For all of the babies that bless our lives if only for a fleeting moment.

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