Free To Love Again

Have you ever been crowded into a tiny space,
With many others side by side, face to face?

Have you ever had hair matted to your skin and covered in dirt,
That your body aches so and no matter what you do you continue to hurt?

Have you ever had to fight for a bite of food,
Praying that your owner remembers to feed you and is in a good mood?

Have you ever had to stay in the dark day after day,
Hoping that one day you will see the sun and be able to play?

Have you ever been struck so hard and don't know why,
Cringing every time you hear footsteps nearby?

Have you ever had your ears so plugged with hair,
That infection thrives and the pain you can hardly bare?

This is the life that many of us endure every single day,
Hoping and praying that we can somehow escape along the way.

The abusers are oblivious to our pain and our fear,
Our painful moaning and screams for help go unheard.

Our rescue angels suddenly arrive and release us from our hell hole,
But unfortunately by then the abuse has taken its toll.

Our bodies are so infected, our life with our angels so brief,
Now with love surrounding us, we have finally found peace.

By Jan Collins © 11-3-05
Dedicated to the Tylers of the world that have endured so much pain and have found solace in our arms if only for a short time.

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