Gigi's Forever Home Update

January 22, 2006
Here's GiGi with him smoochies.....

January 11, 2006
Hi Auntie Jan and Unkie Bruce,
I had mom take a couple of pictures of me so you could see how good I am at begging for food now. I learned from Snuggles and Yashi, they taught me well...
Also I am sending my latest beauty shot,I'm so happy and beautiful....... bye for now, Tell all my family at PATR hello and give lots of smoochies from me....

December 27, 2005
Hi Jan,
What a wonderful Christmas. GiGi was so involved with the gift opening, she loved her stocking and her new squeakys. I cannot tell you how happy she was the whole day. There were 20 people in our home for dinner and gift exchanging, GiGi stayed right in the middle of all of it. She was the hit of the party. Everyone loved her. We were so excited for her. Happy New Year.......

November 29, 2005
Hi Jan, GiGi here......Wow I have to tell you about a great trip I just got back from. Mom and dad and my human sisters and brother and my puppster sisters all went to New Mexico for Thanksgiving. We made a road trip out of it and saw alot of different states. My mom and dad said that I was the absolute best traveler. When we got to Grandma's house in New Mexico I was greeted by two other Maltese puppsters. Then the neighbor Lady came over and brought her Lhasa apso to play with us too. We all got along so great. There were six of us in all, it reminded me of the days at your house......
The best part of the visit was when I discovered the huge pile of squeaky toys that Grandma had. I just laid with all of them and thought I was dreaming, there were soooo many toys. It only took me 3 days but I managed to break all the squeakys in ALL the toys.,....Wow that was fun........I can't wait til Santa brings me more in my stocking this year.......
Oh I almost forgot, I have become good friends now with our other housemate, Lilee the cat, he now sleeps on the bed with the rest of us, he and I even cuddled the other night.....I love my new home...but I do miss all of you.......Tell all my puppster friends hello.....
Love always,

November 4, 2005
Hi Jan,
Spencer and I were talking about some of your houseguests.....Spencer wants to know how Hershey Fabian and Ginger are doing? He remembers all their names. We've been reading the journals and it looks like you've had a great trip to Florida. I have bought some fabric to practice making some doggie beds...I'll keep you posted as to how that's going....
GiGi is doing remarkably well. She is absolutely loveable. I am so thrilled to have her. She follows me everywhere. She even gives out smooches, but only to me....hahaha I feel special........The 3 pupsters get along extremely well and as a matter of fact, Yashi who may have been a bit alpha before GiGi is different these days, she has become more lovey......
GiGi's eyes are doing very well too. She is so good at getting her drops.....and she sure knows where the treat jar is......hahahaha
talk to you soon,

October 12, 2005
Hi Jan,
Here's a great shot of all 3 together. They get along very well.... Lesley

October 8, 2005
Hi Jan,
It is 8pm and GiGi is doing very well, Snuggles(the oldest) has not left her side. I think she realizes that GiGi is missing that leg, she keeps smelling that area all the time, ....... Yashi is taking her time and GiGi could care less about her......funny!!!!!!
GiGi has learned the house already and is roaming all over, I have put her blanket right by my side of the bed and she has taken her squeaky toys in there and set them on her blanket. This is her place.
We've been outside and she has peed several times out there already...She's a very good girl.
Even Lilee the cat came out of hiding to see the newest addition to our family.
I'll keep you posted on her progress, so far so good,
thanks again for everything.
take care,

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