Poem for Those Gone on
to the Rainbow Bridge

I still sense your presence,
I still glimpse your face,
but it's only light, it's only shadow,
playing tricks in empty space.

Time and time I remind myself,
aching to understand why,
this time and space,this earthly space
you no longer occupy.
Now I have a great need to know
where did your sweet spirit go.

Are you part of the stars,
or in your own backyard.
Where is your energy
where has your spark of life gone.
Somewhere does your essence live on.

I need some time to grieve,
I need some time to cry,
tho I know you're gone,
I'm still holding on,
I'm not ready to say goodbye.

When somebody is loved
I believe that's enough
to give them energy to live on and on
and you my precious,special one
will never really be gone.

Author Unknown

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