Gwenique's Forever Home Update

January 17, 2006
Dear Jan and Judy,
It has been almost a year since I adopted Gwennie! She is now a sexy 14 1/2 pounds. It took a lot of walking and raw carrots, but Gwen finally lost weight. Sadly, she is now almost completely blind. She does manage fairly well in the house. But if there's snow outside, poor Gwen is lost. Luckily she really isn't all that fond of being outside and I've learned never to take her out without another dog for company. They really seem to watch out for her.
As always, she still loves Uncle Rob the very best.
Kathy and Gwennie

August 20, 2005
Dear Jan and Judy,
I thought you'd enjoy a few new pictures of Gwennie. She's a lovely 15.3 pounds no and she still is my much loved little pupster.
**Gwennie: "Help, I'm Starving!"

August 3, 2005
Greetings to Jan and Judy - direct from Gwennie,
I'm writing to lodge a few complaints! Now about this diet thing; I'm STARVING! Mom only lets me have raw fruits and vegetable in treats. I've had to eat tomatoes, carrots(yuk), melons(yum) and strawberry yogurt-low-fat, of course. On the positive side, Mom does make us fresh liver bars. When she bakes them, the whole kitchen smells wonderful. Mom is also some kind of clean nut. All these baths and brushing. And she's a demon with the nail grinder. Not to mention the "Forced Marches"! Because it's hot, off we go at 6:30am. Can you believe it? What happened to sleeping in?
Please don't worry, I'm determined to make the best of the situation.
Empress Gwennie
PS: Please tell ROcky I think his hat is very dashing!

July 27, 2005
Greetings from Gwennie!
I thought you might like to hear about my travels with Mom.
Aunt Andrea gave me a dog stroller. (Is it ever fancy!) So when it's hot I can travel in real style without any stress.
I took it to Sarnia, Ontario. It was hot, but from my stroller I was able to visit and entertain my loyal subjects. I even posed for a drawing of myself by a talented young lady. I think she captured my real self!
We also visited Aunt Pat in Windsor, Ontario. Mom put me in my stroller and pushed me up Aunt Pat's sidewalk.
Aunt Pat couldn't stop laughing, but I don't know why.
Love Gwennie

June 16, 2005
Dear Jan and Judy,
I've created a monster! Gwennie is a traveling fool. She sure loves going to dog shows. She has her own little travel bag to hold her eye medicine and "Gwennie Express Card. Shopping and treats; makes a perfect day.
Her next trips will be international. Gwennie and I will be going to London, Sarnia and Windsor, Ontario next month.
Gwennie says to tell you "Life is Good".

June 1, 2005
Dear Jan and Judy,
I am writing to report that Gwen is now fit and trim with a waist line, no less. And her hair has started to grow back where she was balding.
This past Saturday was Gwennie's Great Adventure. I was going to a dog show and didn't want to leave her home alone. But I was afraid it would all be too stressful for her. HA! Gwen had a great time. She greeted people and dogs, walked everwhere and had a great time shopping at all the vendors. Gweenie's favorite part? All those people passing out treats!
She even bought herself a new very soft nylon collar and leash (Aqua-smashing!) She has her own credit card - a "Gwennie Expense Card".

May 17, 2005
Here's a small donation for the rescue - wish it could be more. Gwennie remains the perfect little lady. All dogs should be so easy to live with; or are all Shih Tzus such a delight?
Of course her heart still belongs to Uncle Rob. Whenever she sees him she does what we call her "Happy Dance". Makes you wonder about her history, doesn't it?
Yours Truly,
PS: From Gwennie "Life is Good!"

April 21, 2005
Hello from Gwennieville!
Just a note to let you know all is well. I'm learning that Gwennie can be quite funny and silly when the mood strikes her. She's also BOSSY!* (Maybe I should just say spoiled)...:)
I simply adore her!
PS from Gwennie: I'm just being firm with my humans!

March 29, 2005
Dear Jan,
Spring greetings from Gwen and me!
Gwen was here for three weeks before she showed us her "Sit up and Beg" trick. Now we also call her "Weeble". Remember the old toy? Weebles wooble, but they don't fall down.
I'm hoping the neighbors haven't seen me shoveling snow in the back yard. After all Gwen can't be expected to wade through drifts and freeze her little bottom.
More of "Gwennie's Rules for her humans".
1. If it's dark outside I must go out with her. You never know what lurks out there!
2. If Gwen barks I have to show her where I am.
3. Gwen does not do rain, EVER! I'm learning as fast as I can.
Gwen has turned into quite the ambassador for Rescue. A lot of people have stopped us on our walks and asked about her background. Go Gwennie!

February 11, 2005
Dear Jan and Judy,
Thanks for letting us share our lives with Gwen. She is such a sweet, gentle little soul. But she can be a "funny girl" too.
A big part of her day is spent working on Plan A and Plan B: Plan A: Oh woe is me! You haven't fed me in two days. Plan B: O.K. so you did feed me - but I just know it's three o'clock (this said at noon and repeated every half hour).
I do love my sweet, "funny girl"!

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