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Forever Home

December 25, 2016
Merry Christmas!
Halo is fitting right in with us.
I'll keep sendin ya pics as we take them! She was so funny - I tried watching the video of the pups meeting each other at your house - she could hear your voice - came right to my phone & touched it with her nose & it switched the pic on my phone lol. I did finish watching it - but turned the volume off so it didn't confuse her.

December 26, 2016
Hi - well, she's definitely a snuggle butt lol. She's doing good going out to potty, she's only had 4 accidents total since she's been here & 2 were the 1st day/night/overnight. I keep trying & so does Curtis to get her to play....she actually played a TINY bit tonight - played a little tug with me with a little stuffed elephant! She actually play nibbled my fingers while I was coaxing her to play with us. She gets excited, but seems scared so she keeps walking away, then sits & wags her tail when I keep trying to call her back. They just finished a little interaction on the big doggie bed - of course, that's at my feet at my computer....He was already a spoiled little Princess - but she seems happiest when she's snuggled in someone's lap or arms too! I pray in a couple more days, she'll be able to come out of her shell enough to run around & play like a crazy lady. She slept in bed with Curty last night. The other nights, she started off there, but ended up with each of my other boys....they've all been camping out in the same room since Saturday - so I think she's gone from bed to bed lol. Curty does not like to snuggle & does not sleep covered - the boys said she does like to cuddle under the covers - on the pillow, in their armpit, lol - anywhere to be warm! Curtis always sleeps with his head hanging over like that every time we hold him - looks uncomfortable - he's crazy lol. Well, have a good night & I'll send ya more updates!

December 27, 2016
Hi Jan,
So another update. I think she had a rough night cause she tinkled on the floor twice last night. I took them out right before bed, but she tinkled again a couple minutes after they got up there. He took her back out & went back to bed. I got up first & went up to get them out & stepped in more tinkles. :( But onward & upward.....today, we went out, did there business, ate breakfast & have been playing non stop since then. It's been a couple hours now & she's like a whole new girl! She's even playing with Curty! They are easing into it - but it's been SO fun this morning!!!!!! She's been out to potty about 5/6 times - trying to get her into the swing of things & she's doing great!

December 28, 2016
Hi Jan,
I just love this girl. She's got all of us swooning over her - including Curtis! We had to go to the dentist early this morning - so the pups had their first home alone for about 2 1/2 hours. I'll see if it will let me send some video clips from before we left - LOL - bless his lil heart - he keeps trying to coax her to play with him! She's started chasing him back now! Too cute!

January 2, 2017
Hi Jan,
Halo is still easing in to playing with Curty! Lucklly, he's not giving up! When she gets outside, she seems to light up - she found a wiffle ball type ball of my kiddos, it's thick plastic with holes in it that goes to a toy catch playing set....she LOVES that thing - it's so cute watching her chase it around. I brought it in for her! She's doing really good! Apparently she's worn out from her busy morning - she's assumed the position in our lap already lol

January 6, 2017
Hi Jan,
She's decided she will play with Curtis! lol - it's been going good! She's getting into playing with all of us too! I'll send more pics in a lil bit :)

January 31, 2017
Hi - I didn't take any pics - but wanted to tell you what a GOOF BALL Halo is in the snow. She's been tarin' around in the snow all day today! She keeps goin' "submarine style" & burrowing while running through it. She was running top speed, jumping, pestering the crap out of Curt - lol - every time we went out today! It was hilarious! Everyone that took her out today cracked up at her! She's a real snow bunny! lol. They have a snowblowed path from the back door all the way to the fence, it's down to the grass, but that's just no fun I guess lol. I'll have to remember to take my phone out with me tomorrow & take a little video clip to send you. They both come in looking like the abominable snowman with all the snow balls on them! Curty is way worse cause his hair is so long! Have a good night :)

February 21, 2017
Here are some more pics - she's getting quite a bit of hair! We LOVE this girl! The 2nd pic - I sat down on the floor & held her first - then laid her on my legs to sleep while I held Curtis! She's decided that she'll do what Curty does - roll over & get a tum tum rub all the time & let the momma hold her like a baby on her back like I do to Curty! What a ham! Man is she a love bug!

April 21, 2017
Good Morning!
Halo turned 1 yesterday! We had a little puppy party lol - her & Curty had a little bit of a Frosty Paw doggie ice cream! My oldest son thinks I'm a fruit loop - cause we did the same thing in December for Curty when he turned 1. Put a candle in their ice cream & sang Happy Birthday to them! Maybe I am a fruit loop - but it was fun & they liked their little treat lol. She's doing really good! Such a good girl & SO sweet! As soon as the weather makes up it's mind, I'm gonna take her for her summer hairdo! She's got a pretty good fur coat goin' on right now! lol Just wanted to share her big day with ya & drop a quick line to say hi :)
Hope all is well in yer neck of the woods!
Take Care!

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