Happy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 23, 2014
This little stinker is already living up to his name "Happy Doodle"....He is soooo happy!!!! Him and Shasta are playing and running around...it is soooo funny and making us laugh so hard!!...He has done both his duties on the deck already too. He is just soooo stinkin cute I can hardly take it. Thank you sooo much.
Love to all.
We will keep the pictures coming as we get them.
Bob, Kym, Shasta and Happy

March 27, 2014
He was such a good boy all day.....today for the first time we let him run in the yard while i cleaned up poop from the winter....he was having a blast...and him and Shasta just played and played all day again...I am in Love!!!

March 28, 2014
So .... our little monster boy with the absolutely adorable face....proceeded to bring in Shasta's poop from outside and eat it....and as we tried to get it from him he thought it was a game and ran around the house tossing it in the air. Oh my goodness....as gross as that is I could not stop laughing....he is tooooo toooo funny.....now he is looking at his reflection in the fireplace glass and crying.....he is just tooo funny!!!

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